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My Horoscope for Today

(From Friendster)
Get bolder, when it comes to your goals. If you err on the side of 'brash,' you will transform your ambition from its current, 90-pound-weakling state to a healthy, strong, muscle-bound jock of an emotion. Explore things that intimidate you. The sports, careers, books, journeys and projects that scare you just a little bit are surely the next ones for you to tackle! If you need a kick in the pants to get you going, consult an older relative. They want you to succeed, and can help you.

Hhmmm... my horoscope today ask me to bolder with my goals. Well, I have a lot of goals and things that I wants to achieve but $ is in concern wor.. I think the horoscope for today is quite meaningful

Yeah, as in careers, I hope I can complete my project fast so that my things would get more systematic and less time consuming. After few years in torture under obi's hard to maintain system, I slowly get myself out of the system and develop a new one. But t…
Little Daisy is Bigger Now

Last Sunday, after few hard time of trying to measure Daisy, finally, i manage to measure how long she is. After a week of observation, Daisy grew 1 inch. She is extremely naughty and a big eater too.

Her favourite toys are a dolls that would make a squeeze sound when she shake it. The dolls now crippled with the right ear and tail. My dad just sew back the 'wound' on the neck of the dolls. Other than that, she is pretty much attractive to steel. The other day, my dad was trying to make a 'papan' to put in front of the gate so that she won't be able to jump out. Well, my dad put a plyer to make the stuff. When he remembers that he had forgotten to take hammer, he went to the back to take. Little Daisy is helping too .. By biting the plyer. When my dad came, she brings the plyer and quickly run to hid it. Any items of steel in my home will be her target. There is one steel chair in my house which are scratch by her teeth. Oh ya, not forget…
How to Kick SMOKING Habit

While checking on my Friendster, I found this bulletin is rather interesting ..

SELF-DETERMINATION is the first step to kick smoking habitOccupy yourself with beneficial activities such as make urself busy with works. Eg washing dishes, gardening, washing your cars, play with your pets, etc …Try to go places where SMOKING IS PROHIBITED such as indoor restaurant, shopping malls, bookstores and NON-SMOKING zonesSubstitute your itchy mouth with candies, NICOTINE or CHEWING GUMSGo shopping, check out the latest trend on your favorite fashionsPlay some rigorous and vigorous SPORTS activities like marathon cycling, badminton, soccer, basketball, mount trekking/hiking, swimming, gym workout and so onConsult any medical advisors on your health conditionsGet information on nutrition food and drinksCommitting yourself with a new habit/hobby will allow you to gradually kick the bad smoking habit. Everythg you do counts as time goes by, you will find yourself gradually FR…
A Girl's Behaviour

Hhmmm, suddenly feels like writing about this. It is just my personal point of view and I guess, it's quite true and funny. What I mean? Let me elaborate. What is a girl's behavious when they are single or attached? Here it goes...

1. If a girl is single and available, and is seeking for Mr. Right
- Normally when a girl are searching for Mr. Right, they would mix around and actively search for friends, girl or boy. Answers for any outing invitation would probably be YES. Internet might be their half of their soul and YM, MSN, ICQ, MIRC, etc etc is the solution in free time..When they are alone, they would day dreaming of when would the right guy shows up.

2. If a girl is single and available, but not seeking for Mr. Right
- Hhmm, I guess, perhaps, we won't mix around and outing activity is lesser. We rather sit at home, watching tv or enjoying ourselves listening to music. Even if online, chatting might not be the priority but still we chat with only th…
Love & Relationship - If It's Yours, It Will Be Yours

This morning, I wake up, feeling a little bit sad without any reason. Had my early bath, I went to work. While waiting for bf to reach the office, I check my friendster and realize that relationship is something that is very fragile and full with challenge.

Some people get married after knowing their partner for few years. Some, would get married although they have known the partner for few months. Not all of them end up divorce but sometimes, those that known each other for few months and get married, usually sustain a very long term relationship. Isn't this wonderful? Their loves are strengthen as time passes. Indeed, in each relationship, there are certain times that couple would argue and quarel. But that doesn't mean that it is the end of it. We should always listen to our partner. Even if it has been 10 yrs, still listening to each other is the key to long term relationship.

However, there are also some that ha…
CashCrate - Free Online Earning

Not sure if this really works like what they say, but I have sign up for one account. Well, by doing survey and joining contest and recommending people, we get some money. And signing up is free. So check out this cashcrate and sign up one for free now!
Links Around the World TagI got this tag from Jen which is abit like the big bang I think but nevertheless, lets see how long this tag will go!

Start copying here:
This is the Links Around The World Tag.

1. Place your link after the list. If you have more than 1 blog, feel free to add them all here!2. After placing your blog’s address/es, you must tag 5 or more bloggers that is not yet in the list, this is to keep the ball rolling.

3. Here is the best part: Make sure to update your list every now and then, by getting the master list here. I’ll be updating the master list every day, or as soon as I see a new blog that’s been added to the list.

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Please continue with the links around the world, my friends:Prim3DanielRebeenaLevianRoken Lim
Two Weeks Diets Challenge

As I talks to JenJen the other day, we agree to make a 2 weeks challenge for ourselves. This challenge are a part of our diets program and I consider it as healthy as well. Hehehe...

The challenge is not to eat rice, kueh tiaw, mee or other forms of things which are close to this items. Errmm.. healthy? Yeah as this includes that in this two weeks, our meals would be soups, fruits, vegetables and perhaps meats and other low carbs food.

Whether I can achieve this or not, it depends as my family are heavy or a must for rice type of family. Hhhmmm.. Anyone else wants to join me and Jen in our challenge for diets?
Home Cook Breakfast & Lunch

Last week, out of the blues and boredness, me and bf plan to make some homecook breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast is cooked by him (of course since I'm too lazy to get up early). We went to buy the Lee Fah Mee that cost RM1.20 + canned food which is about RM3 and sardin, RM3. Hahaha, I think this is the most expensive breakfast, but since it is for two people, I guess, the price is ok. Kekeke ....

As for lunch, well, it is basically my own lunch since he didn't eat salad as lunch. I mix all the vege that I found in my fridge plus with some hotdogs. I'm using the normal salad cream as I'm too lazy to buy yogurt salad. Well, as I'm thinking of losing weight, I guess eating vege is better than eating Bak Kut Teh or chicken rice. Kekekekeke .. Looks yummy although I just mix everything that I saw. Hahaha...

I'm having my salad today too. Today, I only mix two items: Carrot and cabbage since my sweet corn are finished without I re…