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Contemporary Art Exhibition

I still remember that the last time I went for this exhibition, it was last year, in Japan. The difference between the one that we have here and the one in Japan is that, it's free. Not only that, there's no sign that I can't take photos and the security is not as tight as the one in Japan. It's only one row of exhibition while in Japan, it's 3 storey of arts. Speaking of Japan, hhmmmm, if there's chance, I wants to go back to the country of the rising sun!
LEA centre at The Spring had been replace with the exhibition. I'm not sure if it will be a permanent or just for certain period of time. Anyway, some of the arts here is hard to understand. At least for someone like me, I find it hard to understand what is the arts are about.
They have drawings, all sorts of drawing which are for sale and also not for sale. Anyway, I think I'll just show the photos for all....


My Restaurant - Revisited Again

During the Ramadhan month, a friend of mine told us about the halal pork servings at My Restaurant (don't ask me how is it that pork is halal). Also, due to some slip of tongue, me and another colleague had to treat another colleague's lunch. And he chose 'My Restaurant' =.=

Oh well, once a blue moon, why not?

Anyway, here's some of the foods that we have. I can never finish the portion served at My Restaurant! I think in my next trip, I would probably just go for something lighter like spaghetti. Hahaha....