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Starbuck vs Setarbak

How is Starbuck looks like in your opinion? For some, starbuck isn't about expensive coffee. It's their Setarbak Coffee ....

It’s Shopping Again!

Yeah, after few months of not shopping, I finally get myself into shopping!! I guess shopping and women is just an items. We can’t live without it. True? Hahaha.. I believe so. So, what did I bought? Well, it’s not really I buy since most of the stuff, it wasn’t me who pay the bills. Hahahaha! Anyway, I got myself a new pair of earring, bags, key chain, and small bags for my phone, fake ring and shoes. Hhmmm, sound likes a shopaholic.Earring – RM3.90, 3 pair for RM10. I couldn’t find 3 pair so just bought 1Bags – BF gave me this actually. The price hang on it is RM19. Manage to bargain up to RM11 as one of the button came off. I had to sew it back myselfKey chain – this is surprise gift from BF actually. It’s Yoshi!
Small bags – saw this at 688 and it cost me RM2.90. That time I’m quite stress that I had to buy something. Didn’t know what to get, so I just grab this bags for my hand phone.Shoes – bought at the same stall that I bought the bags. Price hang on it is RM39. I bought it at…

International Day of Innocent Children Victim of Aggression

I guess not everyone knows that today is dedicated as an International Day for the children who is the victim of aggression.

As our worlds becomes more advance in term of technology, loves and cares no longer be the main items in a family. There might be families that still values the real meaning of family, but is this the majority or the minority?

In today's worlds, both parents is working. Well, maybe there are mothers that gave up career for their families but how many women that would give up career in this generation? Tension and stress at work and catching up in technology simply erases away the loves in a family.

Some parents burst their frustration at work to their families. For broken family, children is always the victim either emotionally or physically. Abuse on children has become more and more crucial now.

The most recent case reported in TheStar is really a heartbroken news. How can a mother abused her own children simply because of frustration? What kind of excuse as o…

Global Warming, Save the Planet - Plastics

Plastics are made from resources that are not environmental friendly, such as petroleum. Although some plastics are recyclable, many are not. It is also very slow to break down to its natural form. We should always opt for glas rather than plastics.

Plastic bags litter the landscape. When they are being use, it will end up either into on the roads or rubbish bins. Every year, the use of plastics keep on increasing. As plastics are hard to destroy, this can actually contribute badly to our nature. If they are burn, plastics would pollute the air with toxic fumes. Decomposition of a plastics bags take about 1000 years!

Plastic can also cause health problem and is a bigger danger than global warming. Some resources says that plastics is related to cancer disease. There are few types of plastics: Polyvinyl Chloride, Phthalates, Polycarbonate with Bisphenol, Polystyrene, Polyethelyne, Polyester, Urea-formaldehyde, Polyurethane Foam, Acrylic and lastly Tetrafluoro-ethelyne.

All these plastics …

Selamat Hari Gawai

First of all, worldofdidi would like to wish everyone "SELAMAT HARI GAWAI"!!!!

Gawai is celebrated by the natives; iban, bidayuh, etc. It is similar to chinese new year or hari raya, where there will be foods and 'pesta' to celebrate this special ocassions. If I'm not mistaken, it is their tradition to drink 'tuak' during this time.

Anyway, let's go pay a visit to our colleagues/friends that are celebrating Gawai and wish them a very HAPPY and FUN GAWAI 2009!!!