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Farewell Dinner for Holy Trinity Church Priest, Fr. Stephen Lim

Last Sunday marks the last day for Fr. Lim to offer his service at Holy Trinity. This is extremely a sad farewell for me as I've been listening to Fr. Lim preaching for almost 10 years.

Fr. Lim is humble, cheerful, loving and understanding. Whenever I saw him, a friendly smile will always with him. Even if we misbehave, he still, will offer his smile as a comfort for us. From him, I learnt how to be a true Christian. As a Christian, we should always be humble and not punish others for our own weaknesses. There's always room for improvement for our behaviour and character as no one is perfect.

Indeed Fr. Lim had brings a lot of improvement towards Holy Trinity. As our church is at the centre of a housing estate, we use to get complains from other neighbour when there's function in church until late at night. Being considerate, Fr. Lim had ask for air-condition installation around the church to limit sound from interrupting the church. As time grown, the church had became more…

RM10 for 1KG per Month Challenge

While working, I use to have a chat with one of my uni friend. Mostly our common topics would be shopping, exercising, muscle vs fats and also our daily life updates.

Today, we get so devastated where our target to lost some more weight had gone no where without improvement. Back before Chinese New Year, my weight is below 50KG. Right after Chinese New Year, I've gain some weight which makes me qualified to be above 50KG. She, too, is having the same scenario as myself. Hahaha...

So, we come out with a simple challenge for ourselves as a way to motivate ourselves. In one month time, if I manage to lost 1KG, she will give me RM10. On the other hand, if I didn't manage to lost 1KG in this one month time, I'll have to pay her. Same goes to her if she achieve the targets. If both of us achieve the target, therefore, the RM10 will be carry forward to the next month of losing another KG. For my target, there's roughly 5KG to go. This means 5 months dieting + vigorous exercisin…

RCIA Class - Church Mass Service

Yesterday, my RCIA teacher teaches us about the mass service on every Sunday. Although it's been more than 27 years that I attended the mass, I had no idea at all about the mass and its meaning.

Every Sunday mass takes about 1 hour. The mass begins with an entrance hymm where the priest would enter the church from the main door. As a start of the service, we will proclaim forgiveness to God. As human, we commit sin in four ways; in our thoughts, our words, in what we do and what we fail to do.

Next, we will all sit down to listen to the word of God. There will be three readings to be read. The first reading was taken from the old testament. For RC, there are 46 books in the Old Testament. Second readings is from the new testament. There are 26 books in New Testament. The third reading will be read by the priest. It is also taken from the New Testament.

Before the third reading begins, we would bless ourselves with the sign of the cross on the forehead, lips and heart. This is to ask …

Cencaluk, the Traditional Food

Few weeks ago, my neighbour gave us one container of this local food called 'cencaluk'. I am actually quite fond of this sour+spicy+sweet taste of food. The taste of it actually depends on how you mix the ingredients together.

From wikepedia, this food is a traditional food in Malacca. It is made of small prawn that we called 'udang geragau'. I don't know what is the prawn called in English. *wink* For those who is looking for protein diet food, you can include this food into your diet plan.

How to make 'cencaluk'? Well, wikipedia has it all.....

For me, I would usually eat 'cencaluk' my way. The already make 'cencaluk' will mixed with red onions, chillie and lime. Then, eat it will cucumber. Yummy!!

If you are new comers here, don't miss this out! This is one of my favourite food. I can eat this with rice and there's no need for other dish. Hehehehe.....

Hills Shopping Mall, Kuching

Have anyone been to the latest shopping mall in Kuching? Well, after its first launching which is few months ago, I finally made my way to the new shopping mall in Kuching!!

The last time I went, only Pullman Hotel has started its operation. That time, I still remember that I can't find my way to the mall from the hotel. I'm quite impressed with the hotel layout and decoration. I call it artistic. As for the mall, well, I'm slightly dissapointed though.

From the outside, the mall is outstanding and gorgeous! I like the tall building but for first timer, you would be guessing where is the correct place to park your car. Like me, I circle one round before realizing that I can park the car accross the shopping mall or inside the hotel (or outside the mall).

OK, so what is in the mall? I can see Sushi King, MarryBrown, food, food, food and foods! Most of the shops has the remarks "OPENING SOON". Hhmmmm, I think maybe I should pay this mall a visit in the next 3-4 months…