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Konichiwa Osaka!!

When I woke up tomorrow morning, it's a brand new place call Osaka. At the moment, I have mix feeling though.

Being in a strange place, with so many people who don't speak English and is not capable to understand English, this going to be tough and challenging for me.

Hope all will turns out to be just nice and let's pray that God send His angel down to guide me.

P/S: This is not a vacation. I'm going on business trip...

MEN vs WOMEN - Women nags all the time while men prefer to stay quiet

As mentioned in the earlier posting about what I learnt from the pre-marriage course, there's another point that I really disagree. Many man say women nags all the time. Repeat and repeat and repeat without stop.

Now, did anyone question what is the rootcause of women who nags? Let me show a scenario here:

Girl: Don't forget that we need to bring the books tomorrow.
Guy: Ok
(tomorrow comes)
Girl: Did you bring the books?
Guy: What book? No, I didn't
Girl: I thought I've reminded you to bring the books yesterday
Guy: Oh, later remind me again. I forgot
(3 hours later)
Girl: Tomorrow don't forget bring the books. Put it in your car tonight
Guy: Ok
Girl: Don't forget again
Guy: Yeah, I will. Don't be such a nagger

Ok, now... The question lies here: Why women nags? It simply because GUYS is so forgetful or tends not to remember!! Some of you would say then don't remind them. Let me show you another scenario

Guy: I've got the receipt this morning. L…

MEN Vs WOMEN - Women speaks 25K words a day while MEN speaks 12K words

ouple of weeks ago, BF and I attended a pre-marriage course. There's two items that the speakers say which I really strongly object to it.

From my title, I believe you know what I meant. The speakers emphasize that women speaks too much that men can only grab a few points of the whole conversations.

I am totally so so not agree with the speaker about this point because he is missing out the important points, that is, WHY WOMEN SPEAK MORE THAN MAN?

One of the example "Let's go to the other end there because I want to snap some photos there, at the bridge."

And the men will only grab "GO", "Snap" and "Photos". I believe a lot of ladies out there having this problem. When we say something, we tends to repeat what we say in order to let the guys know what we want to say. Agree?

What does this tells you? Does this means that a man's brain works slower than women? Womens speaks more than man is simply because man doesn't listen to w…

Lunch at Jolly Kitchen

Being in place where there's sun for at least 8 hours a day is really a frustration sometimes. Most nice eatery places where price is reasonable is either flooded with people or open space where you can actually feel the heat of the sun.
One of my favourite eatery with air-conditioned would be Jolly Kitchen. Not only that I can shop after had my meal, I can actually look out the window and view part of Kuching!
The food here is just nice only but the air conditioned and reasonable price of food is the real attraction that makes me come back here. Let me see what we've order...

Spicy Chicken and Rice
Plain porridge
Cantonese Crispy Mee
Tomato Mee
Fried chicken and Rice
Just one comment about the food here. Nephew ordered fried chicken rice. It turns out to be roasted chicken rice. Hhmmm... When I ask about it, the waiter says roasted chicken rice is fried chicken rice. Weirdd...