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Chinese New Year Celebration 2011

Its the fourth day of Chinese New Year today and now, I'm relaxing myself while having some cold drinks. The past few days is indeed a very tiring moment as I go around visiting friends and relatives.

In office, we are pampered with some cakes for best wishes over the new year. Honestly, this is the most fattening new year celebration that I ever had!

So what did I do? CNY begins with the reunion dinner where all close relatives would sit together for a dinner. This year, I ordered from HK Noodless instead of having to prepare all the foods. Of course another reason for me to ordered is because I had to work on CNY eve.

After the dinner, I take the opportunity to stand outside my house, looking at all the fireworks. I didn't manage to capture any nice photos. It's either I snap too early or I snap too slow! Sigh!!!

The best food that I'm longing during this CNY is acar with keropok. Yummy!! For every house that I've been that serves acar, I would definitely give it a …