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Breastfeeding and Me

Throughout my new chapter in life as a breastfeeding mothers in the new century, I find it rather dissapointed when most elders ignores the benefit of breastfeeding. For them, formula is better. Baby gets the nutrition. Fat babies is good as it shows that they are well fed. Breastmilk isn't enough for baby and they don't grow as good as formula baby.

Oh well, God create us, human and make us be able to bear our own fruit - baby to be call our child. God understands that baby need to be fed, therefore create mothers to be able to produce milk. But we human, manipulate this and created our own milk - formula milk. So tell me, why is it that God's milk creation cannot be compare with man-made milk? I choose to believe in the natural milk - breast milk.

Before this, I always thought that elders should know the best. But for this case, I'm really doubtful whether or not they really know what is best for babies. Even the formula milk had sentence that says mother's milk…