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Reviving my Blog

Yes, I'm going to stay up-to date on my blog for now !!! Do be patience with me. 
It's been a while since the last time where I’ll find ways to update my blog and write about my life, etc. I’ve been out of ideas as of what should I write. My head is feels empty and totally, not in the mood.
As I sat here, trying to write up something, my head is still blank. I guess the long absence in blogging had turn my head into blank page.
My girl is turning 1 very soon. Time flies. During this one year, I’ve been busy with her and putting up my attention to her and family. Recently, I realize that I’ve not giving myself some space. All that I do is for others: be it for my family, relatives or friends.
I’ve forgotten about myself. Forgotten about my target in life. Forgotten about what I want, what I need, who am I. All that I do for this one year is to get things moving. Living in this world for the sake of living and for the sake of accomplishing the routine. This is part of our life – …