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Dating and Courting Stage - Do and Don'ts (Part 2)

Hhmmm... What should I write now. I agree with my friend that a guy should be honest and be natural. That's what I mean by be himself. If that it happens that the guy try to make himself to be a guy that the girl wants, eventually, it won't happen. Unless the guy wants to lie to himself for the rest of his life, else just be natural. That's the best thing.

I realize that many looks for a partner that are good looking, rich, famous and popular and maybe a person that have everything. For me, choosing the right one is not choosing what that person have physically but what he got in him.

Someone ever told me this. Find someone that match your own character. If you are stingy, look for someone that is stingy. If you are honest and feels that honesty is number one, then find someone who thinks this way. A friend of mine ever say this to me too. If you are fire, find someone who is water. This simply means, if you are bad tempe…
Necklace - One of the Gal's Attraction
The other day, I went to Boulevard, a shop call Zahara to look at the crystal and accesories. Well, saw this one and felt that it suits my cousin who are getting married soon. Is it nice ????
Friendship Garden - Once Known to Have Fishes

Actually, I've been longing to write about this since long time ago but always forgotten. A while ago, I went to friendship garden to take pictures and walking round the garden. They have a lot of nice flowers.....

Historical information about Kuching is also decorated around the foot path...

It is a nice place for people to go there for a walk, jogging and dating too. At night, there are group of eldest dancing and practicing "Tai Chi". I ever went there for jogging and dating. Hahaha..

Friendship Garden is a very nice place for tourist to pay a visit too. It is a place created based on the Chinese cultures. I likes to have a walk there and just sitting down looking at the fishes. The biggest attraction that this garden have is the ponds that are full with fishes. But now, all the fishes is dead.A lot, right?? Now, it's just a history.. Sob sob sob ....I have some more of the fishes photos .. Hope all of you enjoying the vie…
Courting and Dating Stage - Do and Don'ts

Previously, I have few friends that ask me about their opinion on what to do and what not to do on courting stage or dating stage. Well, this is my opinion. It may not be the opinion for other girls.

For me, I don't like the guy that talk big in front of their friends in getting a girl's attention. I encounter few guys that keep on asking me what should and what should not do.

Although I'm girl too, but I realize if a guy never tell me how he felt for me, I will just ignore it although my instinct might say "he likes me". Reason is that, we gals always like to "shock sendiri" and just in case what the instinct says is wrong, we do not want to be 'paiseh' and embarassed. So, guys, if you have feelings for a girl, just tell her straightaway. The word "I miss you", "You are pretty" or "Let's go out together" actually doesn't really gives the girl are real impression of…
Friday Mood

It is only 12.51pm and I keep on putting myself together so as not to fall asleep. Hhmm, I wonder if the roasted chicken rice are mixed with sleeping pills...

I feel so so so sleepy now.

Anyway, I don't have ideas what to write today..... Please give me some ideas ...

Wanna take a nap in my hiding place ... hehehe...
First Day of “The Spring”

Wake up at 8 in the morning; I make breakfast for my family. Then around 9, I went with my bf and his aunt to the new hypermarket in Kuching – The Spring.

Actually, I’m surprise. I expect the road to be jam and no parking everywhere. But, I manage to get one spot of parking within minutes.

It’s a new place, so I guess everyone is eager to join the party. I went in and saw one big pool, just like a wishing pool. Some people actually throw money into the pool.

Then, I went up. The first shop that I visit is selling chocolates and red wine. Really need to pull myself together from buying any of the chocolates there. Then later, I thought of taking a walk round the supermarket. But, on the other hand, no way am I going in there and get push here and there. I walk around, passing through Star Buck, Secret Recipe and some other shops.

The decorations inside really does resemble spring season. Decorated with the “Sakura” flower everywhere and the building are design in …
Horoscope of 2008

Just read my horoscope and felt like post it up for everyone to read....

There is both good and bad news. The bad news is that there is much instability this year. Your plans may seem to be smooth sailing but will suddenly hit a rock. You tend to be accident-prone this year and may have cuts and bruises. There are also signs of surgery. The good news is that you are given a special waiver card this year to wave off your troubles. In another words, no matter what crisis, challenges or obstacles you face this year, it will turn out well. The only thing you must remember is to keep your cool in the face of trouble. The solution will come to you before you know it. If you have elders at home, do take note of their health and safety.

This is an average year in terms of career. The only concern is that you always need to make contingency plans for whatever you are doing. The reason is that the challenges usually will strike fast and when least expect ed. Though t…
My New Shoes
Well, the other day, I went to Kenyalang and saw this nice little cute shoes @ sandals @ whatever we call it. Just shared it with all of you...That's my Chinese New Year shoes!..... Kekekeke ....
Nice or not ???????
The Nite is Still Early

Just came back from aerobics and suddenly think .. well, why not I write the last post for today? .. hahaha..

Ok, aerobics is nice. Sweat a lot and enjoy the fun. The aerobics will moved to new place after CNY. The instructor had an arguments with the owner of that place. She asked me if I wants to lead the aerobics in Hui Sing since she have all the deposits there. I don't want. SCARED!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha .. I like to day dreaming. How to teach people ???? During the warming up session, I was actually a little bit lost due to day dreaming about something... This is what I'm dreaming about ...... FOOD!!!!

This is actually an uncooked chicken wing. Hahahaha .....

I can't wait for aerobics in the new place!!! But I hope that Donna won't ask me to stand in front of the stage as she mention got stage.
Trust and Loves

Sugar is sweet,
Honey too taste sweet,
As well as candy,
But sweetest of all are love.

Love brings us to the top of the world,
But would also pull us down,
What matters is not up or down,
What matters is the value of love.

Dating stage is heaven,
Marriage stage is hell ??
It all depends,
On our trust and loves.

Nagging means concerns in dating stage,
But is a noise pollution in marriage stage,
It all depends,
On our trust and loves.

Whatever it goes,
Whatever it takes,
It all depends,
On our trust and loves.

Takes care everyone,
And also our loves one,
Don't neglect,
The need of trust and loves.
Discusion for Today : Practical vs Experience in Life Challenge

What do you think about learning the challenge in life from some wording of a books vs challenge in life from the experience ?

For me, whatever that other people goes true may not be useful for us. Reading more books on challenge in life will only tell us other people story and other people experience. It doesn't tell us that this can be apply to our life. Books is something dead while experience is something we receive. We gain knowledge from books, but not practice.

One simple example that I can gives is programming. Books can teach us the basic code for programming. Like in HTML, books tell us what is "html", what is "body" and a lot more of the code. They do tells us how to combine all those codes. But books don't tell us how to write something we want out of the code. We need to learn from experience on how to make use of all these codes. Same as in our life. Other people success, life challe…
I have been tagged !!!

I have been tagged by Rose yesterday. Hhmm, about my resolution of this year. Well, 2008 is a good year and is a new start for me.

Previously in 2006 & 2007, I have more down then ups. So for the year of 2008, mainly will go for something to do with 8, which is to earn more money, stabilize my financial and be happy!

My wish list for 2008 :
1. Like JenJen, wish to clear my credit cards by middle of this year.
2. Stabilize my financial and open one FD and maybe invest in something small (not now, but maybe in Q3)
3. Go somewhere for vacations with my friends and enjoy all I want with minimum impact to my financial status.
4. Understand my boy better and help each other to tolerate and build a stable relationship.
5. Make my family proud of me (hahahha)

I think that's all. Hehehe...
Girl Knows Best A Girl's Heart

As I said in another post that actually I'm feeling a bit upset now. Been a bit stress up with some issue in personal and feels that guy never understands a girl's heart. No matter how they try, how romantic they are, how mature they are or how good they are in making a gal laugh, they still won't understand what a gal really feels.

Actually for me, a girl's need is very simple. We just want to felt protected, loved and to be pampered. For us, rich or not rich, handsome or not handsome a guy is, it doesn't matter. What matters most is that the guy knows what's in the girls mind. But, I guess guy will never get this correct.

As an example, let say a gal ask the guy to accompany the girl to walk to the gate of his house in saying goodbye. But the guy simply gives reason and just send up to the front door of the house. Well, gal just need to be pampered and feel protected. For a guy, if the gal gets frustrated over this, that's …
My Weekend - All Well, Ends Well

Hhmmm, my weekend is kind of nice. Yesterday (Saturday), wake up at 7 something, planning to clean the whole house. But, only manage to sweep and mop the floor with my stupid Darwin keep on disturbing me with my broom stick. When I get mad, he run away and hide. Hhmmppfff....
After that, I cook maggie mee. Hahaha... First, I cook the mee. Then, dry up the mee (to remove the layers on top of the mee), I boil water again to cook the soup. I add some fish+vege ball and some cabbage. Thought of putting some carrot too but I guess, I am too lazy to cut the carrots. Hehehe....
This time, I remember to take some photos before I ate them. Kekekeke...

After that, watch tv and chatting online until 1pm. Then went dating and lunch in Kenyalang. Bought my shoes there for CNY. My boyfriend bought slipper. *Sigh* ... This month, I really 'pokai'. Spend so much on shoes, clothes and later need to buy CNY goodies again. Help!!!!!........
We went back around 5pm …
Sushi King in Kuching, Sarawak
With the new Sushi King in Kuching, I guess other japanese food center will have huge struggle for business. As one of the sushi fan, I went there to have a try.
Start with the green tea, at first I thought "No sugar, yuck".. Hahaha.. Some more, before this, I ever order japanese green tea in other japanese shop and it taste so "Yuck!!". But, well, one try lead to another. Niceeee.. It still taste nice without sugar, very fresh smell and not at bad as the previous green tea I ever had. Ok. I ate 4 types of sushi. But... Can't remember all of the sushi name. At first, I thought of taking the photos of the sushi.. But, totally forgotten when I saw food in front of me. Hahaha .. Only manage to take an empty plate photo... Sob Sob Sob..

Once of the sushi are called "Unagi Slice Temaki". Another one are covered with salmon on top. Yummy!!!! The other are eggs + some mayonise + whatever ingredient.. Hahaha ... My brother take anot…