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Taman Kitang I

Early this year, I have launched my so call "Project H". Some of my friend have know about this project H status and stuff.
Well, previously, I'm not so ready to mention about it since it's not really officially OK...
Starts early this year, BF and I have gone high and low searching for a suitable place where we can call our future home (house is just a house if it's not harmony and prosperity to be a home). I must say that it's been a real pain in the ass when you met some not customer oriented personnel.
For my case, I am really pissed off with this bank personnel. Well, not going to mention which bank with this crazy bankers. As an officer that meets customers all the time, you should at least be: Honest. NOT just rounding the bush just to please your customer!Returns call. When your customer calls your mobile, YOU should at least call back!!Follow up. Don't wait until customer calls you to give update. You should and MUST update your customer right af…