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Lantern Festival a.k.a Mid-Autumn Festivals

I would like to wish everyone a very best celebration of lantern festival. Recently a friend of mine have ask me this question - "What does lantern festival means?". As a chinese (a shameful chinese), I only know lantern festival means bringing a 'tanglung' around and mooncake will be one of the major giftaway on that month. The exact meaning of it, I really don't know.
So instead, I go google about it. Lantern festival or known as Shang Yuan festival takes place on the fifteen day of the first moon. It is also known as little new year, which officially ends the Chinese New Year.

During this occasion, childrens would usually go out at night to temples carrying temple. I still remember that when I'm young, I joined in the outing at night too. The only difference is that I went round the neighbourhood and my cousin house instead of temple. In the olden days, laterns are simple. In todays' world, lantern can be seen in all sorts of shapes, even in animal sha…

Buy 1 Free 1 Star Cineplex (M) Ticket

As I still have the Star Cineplex buy 1 free 1 (M) ticket from the previledge book, BF and I decided to go for movies there. It seems like the opening of MBO do impacts a lot on their business. Previledge Coupons
Well, it's early of the month, meaning everyone just got their salary so it just not right to have so little crowds in the weekend. Those that are seen here are 95% schoold kids.
The emptiness of the counter
As I'm on a diet recently, BF has been tempting me to buy tidbits or whatever food. I stick with my decision of no tidbits and this is what he use to tempt me... RM7 And I got tempted.. Sushi bah....
We watched Final Destination. Well, I prefer part I and II. The action is not that scary. RM9 for two ticket is definitely worth it for me.

1st of Oct 2009

Yeah, this is quite a weird posting since this is the first time I'm celebrating the beginning of the month. Anyway, many things happen this year, good and bad things. Despite all that, it is now the end of the year and soon we will be celebrating 2010.

I believe most of us are more in bad situation rather than good situation this year. The economic crisis is really getting us to dig deeper into our wallet. Hopefully, with 2010 getting nearer all this bad things would turns into good news. After all, there's a say that good things always happens after bad things... and it is always doubled hapiness after bad stuff. I do believe this and for me, this is really what I get. Hehehe, not going to elaborate why I'm saying this..... It's our journey of life and everyone's will go through different types of route.

So I think it's time for me to update my resolutions for 2009 again. Hahaha!! Well, I didn't get into any of my goals actually, which makes me feel a bit a…

Everise Food Court (besides Parkland)

I seldom come here for lunch, so one day, I take the opportunity and try some of the Foochow food here. I can't remember the exact name of the food that I order (i think is called the red date xxx). Since small, I like chicken, cooked in this red sauce. It's not all the time that I get to eat this. The stall owner says, another words for this is "Foochow's Kachang Ma". Well, the normal types of Kachang Ma is my enemy but this one is really taking me away.

I'll definitely comes back here for more red dates...
The Red dates Hot Pot - RM4Apart from that, my dad ordered the fish cooked in black beans sauce (i think) ... It looks yummy too. Hot Pot xxx - Rm4

Stress Management

Lately been a bit stress with work.. yeah a bit...

And it's raining.. or just after rain.. not sure if it's a good idea to swim.. And BF ain't want bowling .. So instead.. this is what I do... Pool
Of course BF had to give way so that I can win ....It's been more than a year since the lastime I touch this table ...

And then shopping ... no photos of what I buy though...

New Stalls @ Boulevard, Kuching

Gosh, I miss Boulevard!!! Yeah, I think I'm too addicted of going to Boulevard that a week without entering this shopping mall makes me miss them.
Anyway, I realize that they have new stalls - small stalls everywhere, some is still vacant, so for those who are interested to start a small business, you might be interested to ask the management about the small stall here.
Well, I'm not the management, so can't say much about it. Hehehe ...

I wonder what's next to come in Boulevard. I heard the sky bazaar will be launch end of this month...

MBO Cinema

BF and I went to the MBO Cinema the other day to try out the new cinema. Being the pure Malaysian culture, we would usually go for new stuff all the time. As it is public holiday that day, you can see that there are a lot of people queue-ing up to experience the new environment. Well, as it is public holiday, the management should have more than one person working at the counter. Before the movie experience, I am already feeling pretty irritated. It is all about queue-ing: - Went there at 12.30pm, queue for 2 ticket until 1.30pm = 1 hour waiting
- Went for short lunch, again queue for 15 minutes
- Went up since the movie starts at 2.45pm.
- Buy popcorn (I want to try if it's nice) = 20 minutes waiting
- Luckily I do not have to wait for available toilet
Weekdays crowd is less Even the popcorn are pretty much empty Public Holidays - Malaysians everywhere!
Then, we went up to the cinema. On the way from the entrance up to the cinema, I am really amazed with the designs. I feels like I…