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Valentine's Day @ 14 February 2008

Actually, I am to post this yesterday but I left my pen drive at bf's house. Sob sob sob.. I give myself mild heart attack as I have a lot of things in my pen drive. I thought I lost it. In fact, I think I'm getting older. I lost my gate key (don't know where I put), my dad's gate key (coming in the house, I forgot where I left the keys) and I forgot where I put my bank book (lucky, I found it)!! So forgetfull!! I also forgot where I put my clinic book. Hhhmmppfff !!!OK, enough babbling and loso ....

My Valentine's Day.. Yesterday marked the firstime me and bf celebrating Valentine's Day. I know, he may not be the most handsome valentino and I am not the prettiest gal but we do enjoy the Valentines!!Our Valentine day start with me reaching his house at 7.30am. We plan for breakfast together. As he still with his towels and wet all over, I just wait for him to get ready while watching Astro (Pirate something). Louise have to …
Valentine's Eve

As today is valentine's eve, I guess florist would be busy preparing for orders and delivery. This is the only moment and time where roses, especially red roses would have a high demand.

I still remember that in normal days, roses can be bought in rm1.50 (one rose). During valentines, the price would increase to RM10-20, but with simple packaging.. Imagine the increase!! We once ever bought roses in Valentines for our teacher birthday and it cost us RM60 for one bouquet!!! In normal time, the cost is around RM25-35 (depends on season too)..

Other than flowers, chocolates too are one of the items for the valentines (I wonder why)... Maybe because it is sweet, therefore, it became one of the items in the Valentine's gift list. Hehehe .. But, I think it's not in the list of what I want. Chocolates will only leave me with temptation. Sob sob sob ....

Some couples are near to each other and had already planned for the things they wants to do. Some, on the othe…
Jokes On Boy Girl Conversation

I get this from one of my forwarded emails .. pretty funny ....

> Read carefully
> Before marriage.............
> Boy: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.
> Girl: Do you want me to leave?
> Boy: NO! Don't even think about it.
> Girl: Do you love me?
> Boy: Of course! Over and over!
> Girl: Have you ever cheated on me?
> Boy: NO! Why are you even asking?
> Girl: Will you kiss me?
> Boy: Every chance I get!
> Girl: Will you hit me?
> Boy: Are you crazy! I'm not that kind of person!
> Girl: Can I trust you?
> Boy: Yes.
> Girl: Darling ..
> After marriage - - - simply read from bottom to
> top

Meet the Cousin

Yesterday, my bf met my cousin. On the way to her house, my bf doesn't feel nervous or excited at all. As I'm getting nearer to her house, I keep on saying nervous, scare, etc, etc... It donates some impact on my bf emotion. Hahaha.. So, instead of me becoming more nervous, he too, gets very nervous and scared. When we reach the traffic light in Jalan Song, he says stomached and feeling very hot. On the other hand, I feel very cold. Maybe because too nervous. Chemical movement in the body becomes twisted.Kekekeke ....

Well, as I reached the gate of the house, my bf keep telling me "Nobody home, let's go". Hahahaha!!! I think I really do give him all my fear. I stopped the engine and still he say "Nobody home, let's go". Well, I saw my cousin's hubby sitting in the living room, watching tv. He came out so we enter the house, wishing him "Happy New Year".

I look for my cousin and greet my uncle and auntie. They are having…
Valentine's Tagged

This is a Valentine's truthsurvey. So dont lie:

1.Do you like anyone?
- Yes ... friend type of like, special like type, etc, etc ..

2. Are you flirty?
- I don't know bo ... need people beside me to answer bo ...

3. Are you a player?
- Play hockey, can ??

4. Would you get back together withany of your exes?
- NOPE .. current one is good liau ..

5. Have you ever kissed anyone on your top friends?
- What type of kiss ah ...

6.Do you want a valentine?

7. Have you slept over at the opposite sex's house?
- Yeah, uni time usually sleep at friend's house in a group while watching astro.. wakakaka..

8. Do you prefer group dates or single ones?
- Single one la .. group date very weird ..

9. Would you kiss light or makeout sessions?
- Don't understand bo ..

10. Do you like cuddling up while watching a movie?
- Of course !! Got free 'jacket'

11. Any plans for valentines day?
- I think so...

12.What's the best valentines day present for a…
Questions and Answer - About me...

I found this question and answer from one of the blog that I went through and thoguht of putting it here. It was actually a tagged. Nobody tagged me but I think I could start this tagged.. So here it goes ...

1.) What was your dream during childhood?
- I know it's funny but to be a police ... Hahahaha ...

2.) Rainy days or sunny days. Why?
- Rainy days coz God don't wanna see people naked ..
- Sunny days so that we won't turn into vampire.. Hahaha

3.) Which colour do you prefer?
- Blue, purple, black, white .. anything but not red ?

4.) Who would you marry?
- Hehehehe .. Let God decide

5.) What present would you prefer best?
- Sincered present

6.) What are you most afraid of losing?
- Myself, my character, my attitude, the person I am now ..

7.) If you met someone you love, would you confess to him her or keep it a secret?
- Keep it a secret laa .. later he don't like me, mar become so paiseh .. But if he no reaction after a while, mar forget about i…
Another Relatives Appointment

I wonder if things has been moving too fast or if this is what God wants it to be. Well, my cousin came to know that I have special someone.

On her trip back to Kuching this time, she had asked me to bring this special someone to meet her. Couple days ago, she talks to:

Cousin : "I'm coming back on Sunday for CNY"
Me : "Really? How many days?"
Cousin : "Going back on Wednesday, fast hor"
Me : "Waa, so fast.. only 3 days"
Cousin : "Come visit me at my house ya and bring him too. I want to see."
Me : "Err, I ask him first"

Then today, another conversation with her...

Cousin : "What are you doing now?"
Me : "Hello, hehe.. eating my lunch"
Cousin : "Yesterday I went to your house but you weren't there."
Me : "I went out. Hehehe .. "
Cousin : "Tonight, come to my house la."
Me : "Tonight ha, can, no problem, but I go to another friend house first."
CNY Celebration 2008

I'm back again with some posting.. I realize that this year, the celebration is much more slows down compare to last year. The mood and spirits of CNY are very much low.

Let me start with the Eve of CNY. I guess some of you would be wondering if my bf join in the reunion dinner. Well, here is the story. While I'm cleaning and cutting my nail, the conversation of me and my dad starts :

Dad : "Your friend coming ?"
Me : "No, didn't call him"
Dad : "Call him lor and ask him to join in. He got work or not?"
Me : "What time eat?"
Dad : "5pm. He work or not? Until what time?"
Me : "Work till 5.30pm"
Dad : "The we eat at 5.30pm, wait for him."
Me : "Then I call him now"
Dad (can't remember what he is babbling there)

Excited, I told him and I guess he is pretty much as excited as I am. Hehehehe ...

The dinner went well but bf is as quiet as a mouse (I guess born in a year of rat do cont…
Concern & Loves - Tends to Deplete Through Time

Suddenly, I realize that most of us would, once a while thinks that, our partner did not loves us as much as before.

Let me put it this way. During courting stage, guy tends to put 100% concentration on what a girl would say. If she says "I don't feel well". The guy would ask and response directly. After the courting stage is over, here comes the dating stage. When she says "I don't feel well". Maybe the guy would just response "OK". Then when the girl ask why didn't you response. The guy would probably ask back what to response. After the dating, is the marriage stage. In this stage, the guy would probably say "You are big enough to take care of yourself". Some, might still show the concern and probably say "Go see doctor". Well, what about the attention in courting stage? Where has is gone?

For me, whatever we do for out partner at the first stage shouldn't be lost thro…