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Gorgeously Heaven of Food

I believe Kuching is one of the cities where we can find lots of variety of foods. This is also the reason why my blog is polluted with food photos.

So what else am I trying to introduce now? Lets' see....



Happy Birthday Flinstones

Normally I don't post such thing in my blog but being the Flinstones' anniversary, I can't help but to post it up ... Today marks the 50th anniversary of Flinstones. Yeah, that's how long they survived and yet we all still remembers them ..

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

If you are the returning visitor of worldofdidi, I bet you would realized that this blog has less posting nowadays. Oh well, I can't help it but to feel speechless most of the time.

Not only that I do not know what to post but also, I do not have the mood to do so. Nothing seems to come to my mind and I have lost my sense of writing up a good post. Argghhhhh !!!

Things has been going on a little bit faster in my life especially at work that makes me a little bit frustrated. I've been reminding myself again and again that things happen for a reason. For only God knows what is best for us, we should put our trust in Him and have faith in Him in everything, regardless of how bad the situation is at the moment.

I am beginning to think that my patience is running out but even so, there's nothing much I can do about it. So what if my patience is running out? Life still goes on and I still won't get the answer that I want. Future is beyond our control but as human being, w…

Newbies in Town

Recently, a neighbour of mine had adopted a dog. She looks like the breed pointer, mix with local dogs. Due to her appearance, I named her 'moo moo'. She is still quite shy and scared. Each time she sees other dogs, her tails goes down and she would run back home.

I try to be friend with her by giving her food. So far, she only came to me when I have something for her. Sigh, have to give her some more time...

And, I can see that Pooh is not very happy with the new gal in town...