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New Year - One Year Older

On the first day of each new year, it marks birthday of HB as well. Yea, his birthday is on the first of January. The whole world celebrate his birthday for him. So lucky!!

As usual, he decides where to go - PAI JIA LE. And also choose what he wants to eat..

But for cakes, I get the spongebob cake for him...

I See, I Look, I Smell and I Eat

I know why I can't lose weight.. it is all the food that goes in my mouth..

Anyone joining my club living to eat? Lol!


Wishing everyone a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

Many of my friends had one wisih for this new year - to have a dragon baby. Well, hope that all of you got what you wish for. All the best!!!

Whatever that we wish for 2012, the most important of all would be a great health. Without this, even if you have the money that this world never had, its pointless.

For this moment, it would best to enjoy it to the fullest with close friends and relatives. Don't waste it. What's past will never comes back.

OK OK, cut the crap, enjoy your new year. Go out and have fun !!! Don't just sit there in front of the monitor!!

Memories of 2011