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Drury’s Hotel, St Peters, Missouri, US

Although this hotel is not a five star hotel but their services and facilities is very attractive. I likes the way they arrange the things in the hotel and also the space around the room.

My room have two bed, each bed have 3 pillows. Amazing? Most of the hotels I’ve visited have only 2 pillows the most! I must say that the hospitality around this hotel is really good. They have free breakfast and also free dinner from 5.30pm to 7.00pm. This is something very different the rest of the hotels around us. Not only that, they have pool and even a small space of gym! I’ll just drop by the gym this one or two days to have more views of it. I'll post more of the hotel room and facilities once I got my feet on the ground. Haha... It’s been a tiring day for me for the past few days especially with the running to catch the flight. I guess for now, I’ll just stop here. Enjoy the pictures that I’ve snap while I go around. Hey, must appreciate all the pictures especially the outdoor pictures. I…

Journey to the United States

I start my journey by waking up at 5.00 am. My flight to KL is scheduled to be on 7.30am. You guys must be wondering why am I going to KL straight away. Well, reason is because I need to collect my passport at the US embassy. I’ve been on very tight schedule on this trip.
Arghh!! My flight delay until 2.00pm. I had to reschedule my flight to other earliest flight. Thank God there’s one which is 11.50am. It’s going to be a super tight schedule because I had to collect the passport from 3.00pm to 4.00pm. The time taken from airport to the embassy would be roughly one and half hour while plane takes about 1 hour 55 minutes. Due to the tight schedule, I decided not to checked in my luggage. Trust me! Its so hard to carry a luggage around you!
Thank God that everything goes fine. I got back to KLIA at 5pm for my next connecting flight to Singapore. This time I chose to checked-in my luggage all the way from KL to St. Louis. I don’t have the energy to carry it around anymore!
I settled down a…

Winter Clothing Shopping

Few weeks ago, I have been busy rescheduling and changing my last day at X* just because of the preparation to go for business trip. In between the tight schedule that I have, I need to get myself a winter coat as well. Arghhh!! So rush!!

Thanks to SK as she told me that Boulevard got sales for winter clothing and is really worth the value. So, in order to avoid last minute shopping, I quickly got my feet into Boulevard to have a look at all the winter wear. It is CHEAP!!!

Yeah, I've got one winter coat, gloves, scarf and one sweater. All this for less than RM130!!!! I can claim up to max 1K but I've just spent RM100 for the winter coat. lol...

Shall I shop for another one in US later?

Mitsu Tea House

My last farewell lunch is at Mitsu Tea House. Surprisingly, this place is very near to my house but I have never been here!! Shame on me..

The environment is quite 'chinese' style and very cozy too. I like the warmth feeling that feels the place.

While waiting for the food, I play around with my phone to snap some photos of the place and the drink that I ordered - wheat grass.

I must say that the food is quite nice. I should have come here earlier! I like the dim sum and the 'tauhu'. For me, it is quite special and rich with meat.

After the lunch, I am in the zombie mode. Hahaha !!