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My Weekends Activities and FOODS

As I mentioned in my posting earlier on about the event in May which take place in Sarawak, last weekends has been a busy week for me.

One the eve of May, BF had invited me to join their dinner steamboat. I'm the only girl there and was feeling a bit shy. Hahaha... His boss start the conversation by asking some work related items. My feedback to him "I let you know next week because its off office hour." Whahaha!!!

My May weekend starts with the labor day, where I went to Hopoh for LEA Centre half price storewide sales. Surprisingly, I didn't buy anything. BF came to pick me up way too early - 9.30 am. When we reach there, the workers is still busy arranging all the shoes. The ladies side yet to open.

Being early is good in ways that we don't have to worry about parking. When we got there, there's plenty of parkings. But when we came out from Hopoh, everywhere is car! Hehehe...

After that, we headed over to the town area for PIKOM PC Fair at Permata Car Park. But…

Some Fish Photos

I'm still recovering from my moody-ness.. So till, I have more mood to write, let me share some picture of BF's fish...
My fish is way to shy to show up..

MKA Dog Show 25th Apr, 2010

This is kind of a late posting. Can't manage to find a time to do the posting last week as I've been hooked up with chasing people for informations at work.
Anyway, last month, we went for the dog show which is held at the Kenyalang Community Centre. BF is thrilled to have the chance to see so many German Shepherds. As for me, I get to see Beagle and Husky. Yeah, Husky, go go go !!! And the best human friends that I think.. Golden Retriever ..

My favourite breed of dogs is Siberian Husky. However, I believe I won't have the time and place to keep on Husky. Its origin is from the cold country in this Earth. Unless I am thinking to on air-conds for almost all the time at home, else, I don't think I have the time for him/her.

The place I'm sitting is quite near with a rottweiler. In everyone's opinion, rottweiler is fierce and attacked strangers. Well, this rottweiler seems to hate only kids. He is very playful and extremely friendly!
Again, pictures represents a th…

Breed Pug for Sales

Age : Between 1 yr old to 2 yr old
Price : RM900 (not negotiable)
Location : Only in Kuching, Sarawak
* First vaccination and deworm already done
* Please email for viewing of dogs


I believe all of us have the opportunity to choose our choices - whether to be employed or un-employed or be our own boss or just sit tight and not worrying of the future. Whatever is our choice, the future relies on the choices.

Recently, I'm quite down and restless with all the activities in both work and personal. It keeps me thinking of life. What's life all about? Is it about chasing our dreams to be one of the rich fella in the world? Or is it just to be a normal person with just some sort of simple task is a way to lead the life?

In fact, when I'm writting this babbling post, it takes me more than 2 hours to completely finish writting it. Today, I'm really not in the mood in anything, not even in typing a post. At this moody time, I'll always think of strike TOTO as a way to pay off all the loans(car, study, support myself) but that is an impossible thing since I didn't even buy any lottery. Lol .. !

Lately, in personal life, there's a lot of activities…

Kuching Specialties - Tom Yam Mee vs Laksa

Lately, I'm not into writing post, so bear with me for a while.

Anyway, I snap some photos of the good food of Kuching. For those who eager to taste it, just head over to 7th Miles. You'll get plenty of nice local foods over there...

Tom Yam Claypot mee Laksa P/S: This if the first time I eat laksa with "du gua"