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Myth & Ghost - True?

While talking to a colleague here about ghost, I talk about my encounter with this myth or what we call as the lost soul. How true this is, I'm not sure but I do believe that there are soul that linger around the third 'space'. When I'm young, my bible teacher had told me that there are three types of world. One is where we live (earth), then the middle are the lost soul and then heaven. When think about it, I guess all sort of ghost that we usually see is actually the lost soul. Let me share some stories here ...Believe or not .. it's up to you but take this advice. Where ever you are, follow your instinct.

Myth 1 ~ Never Look Back
While I am driving back from office, I suddenly felt the urge of driving faster and not to cross to the right side of faster driving land. Not sure why, but I usually stick to what I felt. After a distance, I looked back and was shock to see a white feature of a lady, walking at the right land while taking something on the road. Then, go…

English & Me

Yesterday, when talking to my dad, I was actually blur and confuse as I am feeling quite sleepy and thinking of 'malichai beehoon'. Hahahaha, I thought my dad cook malichai beehoon for dinner but instead he cook fried rice.

Then, there is an advertisement in the tv showing groups of kids disturbing 2 boys reading "New Strait Times". Then, another 'orang putih' came in and ask for direction. As the groups are spoilt kids without knowledge, they do not know what is she asking. The 2 boys later direct the girl.

My dad suddenly ask me "Your friend know how to speak English or not?". For a moment, I'm confuse who is he talking about. Then he say my friend that usually come here. Of course I say yes but my dad ask why when talk to him, no response. Like talking to PoohPooh, only shaking and looking at you with the big eye. Whahaha, at the moment, I'm laughing. Then after another thought, my dad is actually comparing him with my niece's bf. He s…

A Day @Stampark - Swimming

Last Saturday, as the sky is so blue without the heat of the sun or the coldness from the rain, it urge me to go for some swimming. Been hunger for swimming for quite some times, I decided to go for a little swimming at 12 noon. Hahaha!

The sky is quite clear and there it is not hot at all. The entrance fee is RM5.50 per person with one free 100 plus. Hhmmm, I guess the reason of the 100 plus is for us to feel our energy after having burning some calories in the water?? Bluekkk..

When I reach there, there are two other swimmers and a family with 3 kids. I take the middle side of the pool and not dare to go deeper into the other sides. The water is nice and I really enjoyed swimming since the lastime I went is, ermm, maybe before CNY (very long time leh!!)....

OK. First thing is to collect the extreme expensive 100+ from the counter. Then sitting there, taking off my pants and shirts. Hahaha.. Of course I have my swimsuit inside!!! Hehehe, then went for some rounds of swimming, coming up …

Little Puppy of Mine

I took some of the pictures of my puppy few days ago. Well, as she is still growing and is still a puppy, that is the reason she is so so naughty.
Hehehe ...As I am going to the back for my dinner, she follows me, hoping to have another round of dinner (she ate before me!!!) ...
If you see this in a slow motion way, she is actually sitting there while I'm taking the picture. When she sees me, she tries to smell my camera (maybe she thinks my camera is food). Then, start to scratch herself and bites her tail. I wonder why she always bites her own tail (not painful?)....

Can Money 'Buy' Thoughts ?

Before this, my opinion about money is that money is important but not everything. However, I find it funny actually. Some people, especially older people would use money to see if a guy is capable to takes care of their daughters or not.

Let say, there are these two guys chasing a girl:
- A is very good, decent, handsome and hardworking. He is not rich and not poor but rich with good characters. Not smoking, gambling or drinking
- B is good as well but still he smokes and drink. However, he is rich and hardworking.

For a girl, some might choose A while some choose B. But what about the preferences of old people? I am actually quite angry at first when my dad and god mom was saying that my cousin's bf is very good.

I'm not jealous! Let me finish the stories.. Couple of months ago, all I heard them say is "He is so old", "He looks stupid" or "He is botak" and "He smoke". But after some time, they are saying that "He is very good, a goo…

Money Never Enough

When I wake up this morning, I realize that money is always not enough for us. This month, when I think about what I need to pay and spend, I was shot when I realize that I might not be able to save much this month. Huhuhuhu...

With Father's Day in June-08 and weddings and my dog expenses, not sure if I can really save up. Here is my estimation for this month budget:

Car loan - RM500
Give my dad - RM200
Credit Card - RM200
My Dog Injection & Neuter Fee - RM180
Streamyx (share) - RM30
Phone Bill - RM40
Wedding ang pau - RM50
Father's Day - RM200
Petrol - RM150

Total = RM1,650

Wahhh!!!!! Alamak, so much. Huhuhuhu... Help me !!! I hope I didn't miss out anything ..........