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Go Green with Plantation

Recently I had a little project with hubby in turning our little garden into some flowery and organic garden. Oh well, it's a start for some organic fruits. Our dogs is helping us with the fertilizers (of course, this means her pee and poo, what do you think? Haha!)

Some of the plants is still small and not very eye catching, so I didn't take picture of it. I have in my garden - kedondong, papaya, chillies, guava and some local vegetables.

For some eye catching, I planted some cactus too. It's just an old time hobbies that I have when I'm a kid. I have not have much time now to take care of it. Hope the cactus will be alright.

So, what did you plant in your garden?

Celebrating Mooncake Festival at Pai Jia Le

I'm not really a person that will celebrate all sort of occasions the grand way but rather let it be simple and decent.

As its been a while that I've not been to any restaurant for a nice food. So, taking the excuse of mooncake festival to have some nice food.

My HB favourite place, Pai Jia Le. He will always choose here if I ask him where to eat. It's the slice pork with 'kiam hu' that attracts him. Whenever we are here, this dish will definitely be one of the choices of food on the table.

I think I've posted a lot about Pai Jia Le, so this time, not going to mention much about it.

Lunch at Sausage Gourmet

There's new western food in town! Or maybe, not so new already since this is quite a late posting. Haaiihzzz ...

Just a day before baby eagerly to see the world, we went to Sausage Gourmet for lunch. The food is quite large plate. I think this is just a start to attract customers.

I order kids meal burger as I'm not really into heavy food. Since I'm due for delivery already, I started to watch what I eat so that I don't have much weight to lose. Hehehehe...As for drink, the only thing that suits me is milo.

Anyway, here's our food. Overall, I'm satisfied with my kids meal. It's just enough for me.

After a while, I had forgotten all the menu dish. Sorry for that. Blame it on my delay in posting.