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La Beaute Expo

Day 1
SK, AppleJul and I reached the place at 9am. When I reach there, I saw that the person in charge just arrive. We looks like school kid wearing daddy's t-shirt. In the morning, I just had simple breakfast of coffee + biscuits.

When we got there, we had to cut paper and number it. It is for the contestant for the day. Things quite good and we are all given one bottle of mineral water. I started to enjoy my day one of doing something different than what I'm doing in office.

The only major setback for today is in term of differentiating trade or non trade. For normal visitors, we are suppose to give a visitor sticker. For those who are working or connected to beauty job scope, we are to give the trade visitor. Some whom we recognize as trade, doesn't want to be recognize as trade. Tough!

Anyway, everyone is asking about the goodies bag. I guess this is typical culture here where when there are free gifts, everyone would come queueing up for it. Too bad that we had to wait un…

Hybernation mode

Lately, my life is so feel with shocking news at work and stress. I can't remember the lastime where I declare that worldofdidi will be undergo hybernation.

Well, I need a break!

So, this blog will hybernates until I'm feeling less stress ....

Hybernation ... My dog sleeping ...

DIY Bed Using Recycle Items

Previously, I mention to AppleJul about my project for DIY bed for my dog. Well, I officially completed them earlier than I thought. It tooks me about 2 months to complete this items (one month earlier).
Before filling in cotton/scrap cloth/scrap soft items into the bed.

At first my dog didn't want to sleep on it because the bed had lack of her smell. She is very particular of her own stuff. Even her plate, if I put her food in another plate, she won't want to eat. So, in order to familiarize her with the new bed, I had to sleep there and wait for her to sleep beside me. After she feels more comfy sleeping on it by herself then, I let her have it.

She is actually enjoying sleeping on the bed. What a good life dog! Normally when there is sound outside, she would wake up. But if the new bed, I guess I need to have my own self taking care of the house. Haaaaiiihhhzzzzzz...

So how do I do it? Well, first, I cut multiple pieces of 8x8 paper. Then, I cut all the scrap cloth into the si…
Happy Mother's Day

As we all know, Mother's day is always the 2nd week of May. I would like to wish all mothers, god mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, step mothers, foster mother and any mothers a very HAPPY MOTHER's DAY.

Here are a poem for all mothers that I compose myself. I know it's not a very superb one, but it is sincerely from me.

From young to old,
Time passes, ages grow
What we have is a blessing,
The biggest blessing of all,
Is having a mom by our side.

Nine months in her womb,
She bears the pain of delivery,
Just to bring us to the world
For she knows we are her angel.

When we are baby, she breastfeeds us
When we are kids, she teaches us
As we grew, she guides us
As we are her most precious gold

Happy Mother's Day, mother
Throughout the years, we often hurts you
But no matter what, you always there
To lend us a shoulder to cry

Happy Mother's Day, mothers in Heaven,
You may not be here but still,
I believe you always looks down from Heaven,
To teach and guides us …

Garden of DD

With the long weekend (3 days is long for me), I took a little tour and fun around my garden. Finally, I saw my mushroom is growing pretty well with some vegetables. So happy to see that the money spent in buying the plant finally worth it.

The super big mushrooms

Can't wait to eat this

Of course it’s not much but at least I can mix with other vegetables to make it into one dish.
Mix Vegetables
After the boring thoughts of what to do, I took out my chicken and let them had their fun in my garden. To my unexpectation, my crippled chicken can scratch! Yeah, the male is actually walking with one leg broken. I don’t know how he could get the injury. After having fun, they lie on the grass, enjoying the sun. My dog, on the other hand, keep on barking and jealous with the attention I gave towards my chicken. Hahaha..Female local chicken
The male local chicken, with one leg broken
Both having fun with the grass and sunlight
After 1 hour on sun bathing I put them back into their cage. The female …