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Cheapest Western Food in Town

Couple of weeks ago, before I start my shopping spree in Boulevard, I stop by the foodcourt to please my hungry stomach.

As a friend of mine told me that the western food here is quite cheap, I decided to try them. The stall is right at the middle on the rows. I can't remember the name of the stall though but I think is Kim Bay something. Anyway, there's only one western food here.

We order the set menu and I must say that I regret ordering set menu! Well, its not because the food is not nice but its the portion that scares me. For RM7.90 per set, I get to get one side dish + 1 side menu. I choose the baked rice and mushroom soup. My dad chose bbq chicken rice + french fries.

I can feel that I over ate that day. Some more, as I cannot finish the baked rice, I bring back the remaining and give it to my dog. Hahaha!!

If you happens to drop by Boulevard for lunch or dinner, try visit this western food. You will not go home hungry anymore! lol..

Random Food for the Hungry Ones

Anyone feeling hungry now?
I just going through my picture folder and found some other random food picture that I do not know what to boost about. So just publish it since I am in no mood to write anything at the moment.
Enjoy !! Ipoh Town