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Lunch @ Sweet Happiness

Lately, I've been busy eating for some farewells. Hehehe ..

This time, the venue is "Sweet Happiness". Just hearing the name of this restaurants adds up the sweet and sour times that gives the smile on our face. Don't you agree?

Anyway, this restaurant is located at Jalan Stutong here. The food is quite nice. I'm not sure about the price though. Hahaha.. I must say that the butter prawn is really nice!
Here's the food that we ordered.. Start with peanuts My favourite butter prawn The must have Sweet and sour Soup The lovely Pork ribs The crisp of Roasted Duck The juicy Lemon Chicken The Sour Fish, I think The ohm of Assam Fish I would surely recommend everyone to try it out..

Kensaku Restaurant, Jalan Song

P/S: I'm done with Osaka update.. this is not in Japan :)

This is actually a Japanese restaurant which I believe is just born not long ago. For another farewell gathering, we choose japanese food as all of us is lovers of Japanese food.
So what's good about this place? They have guppies, that's for sure..

And they have a lot of Japanese portrait all over.

We order set lunch which is easier as we have one one hour lunch break. Half of the rice from mine is given to my colleague who can eat more. Hehehe ..
One thing that I'm not fond of is that all the waitress is looking at you while you are eating!

Goodie-licious in Osaka, Japan

Not going to write much. Just enjoy the food picture. Hehehehe...
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