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DIY Baby Pillows - Completed

Finally, I've completed my DIY pillows for little girl!! Actually I'm trying to save up some money, by making my own baby pillow instead of buy them in the market. Let me see, I've made 4 bolsters, 2 head pillow, 2 small pillows and 1 super long bolster.

The cost of materials is around RM12 for the cottons, RM20-30 for the clothings. The pillow casing is more expensive because it is made of soft materials.

And my next DIY would be - blanket. But then, I'm getting lazier now. How? This really challenge my patience once again. There's an old beliefs that we must cover babies with blanket with the 'boxes' design. This is to prevent some unwanted 'spirits' to disturb the baby. This spirits will count the boxes until morning, instead of disturbing the baby. Oh well, how true is this story is up to us to decide. As for me, this is the easiest but time consuming way of making a cute blanket. I'm using the scrap that leftover from the pillows.