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DIY Earring Box

After preparing the 'tang yuen' during Christmas time, I kept thinking what should I do with the packaging. As I used to recycle stuff that I can recycle, the small holes from the packaging attracts me as it looks like there's something I can do with it.

Then, I remember my earring collection which is so messy around my tables. The packaging looks like it can be converted into earring box! Hahaha..

So after washing the box and make sure that there's no more dirt on it, I dry them and put some cotton on each of the holes. After that, one of the box is use to hold dangling earring. Of course, one box isn't enough to hold all my dangling earrings. So, the other box is combination of dangling and non-dangling earrings. Hehehe..


After that, I kept feeling that the little earring box that I have is way too simple. At the same time, I saw my old time favourite movie schedule to show on Monday, 28th December at 3.00pm - The Incredibles. I likes the baby boy "…

Bombay Spices

Last weekend, I went to a coffee shop at 4th mile (besides Ambank). The coffee shop are called "Bombay Spices". I think it is own by an Indian Muslim, not so sure.
Anyway, I find that this coffee shop has their unique way of presenting their menu. All the menus are listed on top of the wall. For those with eye sight problem, this could irritates them. Haha...
I ordered roti canai kosong(for myself), roti canai telur (for my dad), roti tisu (share) and rojak. For drinks, I ordered 'kopi peng' and my dad ordered 'kopi-o'. The curry is marvelous!! Other places curry is so lousy and some only have the smells of curry but no taste at all. The Curry

Rojak India

Roti Tisu

Our foodssssssss Fast food is available too!
Guess what ... all this for only RM10.20! Roti canai kosong - RM1 Roti canai telur - RM1.50 Roti tisu - RM1.70 Rojak - Rm3.50
Kopi peng - RM1.50
Kopi O - RM1.00
The price is really cheap and the place is very clean. For those who loves spicy stuff, I would really rec…

Updates for 2009 Resolution

As year end is approaching, I guess it's time to check on whether there's any achievement on the target that I've set for the year of 2009. When I browse back on the challenge that I set for myself, I wonder what drives me to set all the resolutions. Haha...

Okok, cut the crap, let me see. My 2009 resolutions is divided into 2 parts. First part is on financial terms:

1. Settled my second debt - DONE in Mar'09
2. Settle PTPTN to 10K - FAILED. I only manage to drive the number to below 16K. Mainly is because of the economy downturn.
3. Target amount saving of xx - FAILED. Again, it's because of the economy downturn

The second parts are mainly on self-improvement:
4. Meet my target weight of 46kg - FAILED. I'm stuck as xx KG
5. Learn yoga - attended 4 class only in a year
6. Get an oven and learn cooking - FAILED. Its way from my mind.
7. Changing phone model - DONE. But it's a birthday present rather than I get it for myself. Kekeke...
8. Moving my blog to an earning b…

eMART - Clothes at wholesales Prices

Wonder where to get cheap shirts with wholesales prices? Last weekend I went to emart after seeing their advertisement on shirts at wholesales prices.

Previously the shirts are as low as RM15. Last weekend, they had lowered the price of clothing to as low as RM10! I'll be very guilty if I say that I'm not attracted to the promotions. Where can we find shirts as low as RM10 nowadays? Everything seems to go up in price (except for salary, lol).

Ok, back to the topic of emart. It takes us about 40 minutes to reach the destination due to some road maintenance at the Matang area. Gosh, they should have carry out the work at night or weekdays, not on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS! The road maintenance activities had causes traffic jams. I bet walking will be faster than driving.

Emart is a big supermarket, selling not only clothing but groceries items. There's also small stalls selling a lot of items such as silvers, clothes, bags and food. I didn't go to the supermarket though because I'…

Xmas Part III - The Spring and Shanghai Restaurant

OK, I am really polluting my blog with food stuff. Anyway, this is the final part of my Christmas celebration and eating feast. Holidays and celebrations will not be complete without any shopping action on the list. So, BF and I went to The Spring for shopping.

As we pass through the Padini shop, the sales looks so attractive that I cannot resist not to go into the shop. This time, I asked the workers there if the sales is only for members. They told me that it is for everyone and the sales ends after that day.
Hhmmmm, so I grab few clothes and try them on. Grab a dark chocolate color shirt and it really looks so nice that I decided to buy it. Before discount, it would be RM75+. After discount is RM30+....
BF get himself a shirt too. After that he keep showing off his shirt to me ... Hey, I also got!
After that, I get myself ready for another round of heavy dinner. It is to introduce my cousin's husband to all of us as we did not attend her wedding in KL. The food as Shanghai Restau…