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Interesting Event in Kuching During May 2010

Excited to know what is the event for this month?

Well, I have already list out few events for me this month. It will definitely be a busy month.

Starting with the launching of the Iron Man 2, I believe all iron man fans will jam up the cinema now. I'll be going soon. Since I still have the buy 1 free 1 M ticket at Star Cineplex, I'm thinking to wait for a while and not get myself busied with the fans. Not only that, IP MAN II is also in cinema now. For those who don't know, IP MAN is a name of a martial arts teacher in that movie. BF thought it is I.P Man .. Lol ... It is just a direct translation from Mandarin.

So, that is movie...

I'll be heading to the PIKOM PC Fair either today or tomorrow. Anyone coming?

Next week, another exhibition is going to be held at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) - SARBEX 2010. This is also one of the exhibition where I'm looking forward to go. For those who is looking for house, this is a good opportunity to know more about house…


Anyone here is a fan of fishes? Well, I'm one of the fans. But for me, fishes is good only if it is to be served on the table as food not pets. Hahaha!

Not long ago, BF came to my house, bringing 5 guppies. Being addicted with fish, he too, intends to ask me to keep some of the fish. For me of course it's not my hobbies! What to do, the fish already at my house and he bought a small tank for me to keep them. Huh...

Here's some of the photos ... I have a dozen baby guppies now....

Traffic offences in Kuching

Have you ever wonder if it is safe to drive on the road?

I'm not sure about you but sometimes I do think that there are a lot of irresponsible drivers on the road. Why is it that this numbers of irresponsible drivers are increasing? Where is the concerns and teaching of be safe and save lives?

There's one night, while on my way back from Yoga practices, I saw this very rude black Kenari. He came from no where and simply cut the cut in front of me in front of the traffic light and intends to cross the busy road although the traffic light is still red. He almost got hit though and tries to drive backward as his car is way too in front. Of course, no one wants to give way to him since he is being rude at the first place. What if he got hit? Don't they love their lives?

Not only there are some drivers who is so ridiculous. Some is way too 'bitch'. Not long ago, there's a car over taking me although there's the street is way to busy. This time, this driver, SHE alm…

Lunch @ Eastmoore, Mile 2

Another "jalan-jalan cari makan" at Kuching. My next stop will be at Eastmoore. Lastime, when I went there, I order 'roti canai' only. For me, this coffee shop is quite empty.

The size of the shop is quite big but the available stall there is not that many.

I ordered tomato kueh tiaw, one of the must have per month items. Haha!

My dad ordered curry rice.

Total satisfaction = 6 out of 10 ..

Tomato kueh tiaw is way below my expectation - that include price vs quantity and quality.

End up, getting myself some fruit tarts....