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All Souls Day

For Christians, we have days for the dead, which is on the 1st (All Saints Day) and 2nd (All Souls Day). As usual, during the all souls day or few days before all souls day, I'll be going to my mum's 'house' to pay her a visit and also my grandparents 'house'.

The RC cemetary is located at 7th mile. I heard that they have bought a land opposite the current cemetary land as there are a lot of people booking for it. My aunt couldn't even get a place and is now in the booking list. The cemetary is divided into 3 parts; for couples, single and kids. I feel sad when I saw that there are so many place occupied at the kids area.
RC Cemetary, 7th MileAnyway, I bought fake flowers instead of real flowers. Why? Well, fake flowers last longer and it will make their 'house' shines longer. I've often came to my mom's 'house' but not my grandparents. Usually we would splash some clorox on the floor around it so that it looks white and clean.
Yeah, …

Pooh Strikes Again

Recently, my dog is getting more and more mis-behave. I think I really need to teach her some manner.
Sometimes she is sweet and would be so close to you that it is so irresistable not to pamper her. She would usually sleeps very near with her butt touching something. Well, I don't what is her concern protecting her butt like gold. When she sleeps, NO ONE can touch her butt. She will wakes up and bite without looking at whose the one that touches her.

Spoilt and "manja"Sometime she is sweet but most of the time, she is naughty. She likes to bite her toy, give it to people and expect us to take it from her grab and throw it far away for her to chase.

She don't accept NO to play. That's what she will do if you pretend didn't see her.....

Play !!!!
And worst, when she get over-excited, I end up with a scar on my precious skin ....... lol

Hybernation (sleeping mode)

Lately, there's been a lot of things to do.. It seems like I'm getting busy with work, personal life and also fighting with my laziness in exercise ...

I think it's a good time for another hybernation from this blog ..... After I'm awake from the hybernation, I'll post about my Serian trip...

My Top 5 Treat List

Today, while doing my usual blog hoping and reading other blogger's blog, I came across this very special contest about my top 5 treat list for myself. Well, this is very interesting and I can't help but to join the party to be part of the contestants!
1. Getting the most adventures on the big ocean, taking photos of wild orcas and dolphin
Some of you might think this is ridiculous. For me, watching the creatures swimming freely around is really a pleasant view that should be envy by all.

2. Having the best time relaxing on Hawaii Beach With the hectic of life and stress that we face everyday, most of us would definitely dreamt of relaxing on the beach, listening to the sound of the sea.

3. Tour around Asian in 30days?
Some did around the world in xx days. As for me, being an asian, we should at least visit our neighbouring country, right?

4. Building a farm for the helpless animals
Nowadays, as technology is advancing, the fate of animals such as dogs are getting less un-important.…

I'm Broke

A week before receiving my salary, I've already plan how much I would need to spend for items that I need. As I've got my promotion, so the increment for my pay is really satisfying. This is what I've got in my mine:

1. Sponsoring half of the cost for the LCD tv - RM1,000 (given to my dad already)
2. Get a checkup, organize by Gribbles - RM55 (done)3. There's a necessity to treat my family since I got the promotion, estimate to be within RM100
4. Pampering myself with rebonding (still thinking, yoga vs rebonding)
5. As BF did buy me things when he got promoted, so it's my turn to buy him stuff. He has already giving clues (since last month) of what he wants .... I jokingly tell him I budgeted RM50. Funny to see him start counting what he can get with RM50 (basically is 2 small aquarium for betta fish, decorations for toman fish and buy him fish. Can't remember the name but I call it ping pong fish)

Estimated spending 1,300 ?? Not to mention the fixed expenses of car…