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Meng Kui Cafe

I think its been a while since the last time I posted some photos of food in Kuching. Oh well, life is getting busier each day that I don't bother to do anything about my blog or taking pictures when I'm out searching for food or shopping.

2 more weeks and I'll be moving to our permanent workplace. We take this opportunity to try out all sorts of food in town. My colleagues recommended 'Heng hua' mee which he says is quite nice.
The reason that I like this place is because it  is very quiet and peaceful yet the food is reasonable. Nowadays, it is hard to find a nice coffeeshop in Kuching.

I must say that the noodles is quite different from normal types. I think I'll come back again to have another round if there's chance. This shop is next to a car centre called "Korean Car Center" - or something like that. Haha!

Ridiculous Driver

Have anyone thinks how ridiculous drivers in Kuching is? Well, for me, I must really say that whenever there's a small corner in between, there's always a stupid and nonsense driver that is not patience enough to wait for their turns!

As I'm now in termporary office, I bumps into so many crazy drivers. Not only they cut you without signals but they too can honk you when the traffic light is red. Lol!! I encounter one time where an Avanza driver knock my side mirror just to go to the front when the light is red. Can't you see that the light is now red? What is the difference between being in front of one car or queue behind?

The most common thing that Malaysian driver likes to do is to turn a one path into two path. This is so common that it became a tradition.

Now, do we really want to pass this bad habit to the new generations? Or should we start to educate the new generation what it meant to be polite and rasional?

100 Plus Challenge the Adrenaline

100 plus is having their fun with the public at the 4th mile Everise last weekend. Due to the cloudy weather, I chose to go to the nearest food place to fill up my stomach. Anyone taking part with the activities that they are having?

The event had 3 games organized for the public for free. It covers all ages including kids as young as 3 years old! So what can a 3 year old kid do? Well, they can hit themselves on the sticky wall! Lol! It looks fun though. How I wish I'm 5 years old now!

I am more attractive with the driving simulation that they have. If not because all the participants is kids, I will surely sign up to have my fun too! This reminds me of the driving games in Hock Lee Centre. Hhhmmmm, anyone wants to go with me to play games? Haha!

Most of all, its the gokart game. Just register and you get to play the gokart. If you are fast enough to break the record they have, you get the chance to take pictures with the pretty lady. Hahahaha.....

Disaster in Japan - Let's Pray for All the People

Last Friday, when I had meetings with some representative from Japan, we talked about earthquake in Japan. Some of the counterparts says they couldn't get in touch of their family back home. If I am them, I'll be worrying sick about their conditions.

I still remember Japan is a very nice country with very friendly and helpful people. When I'm there last year, it's quite frustrated for me when I got lost. Thank God that I've met some helpful and kind Japanese people that willing to help me go around. I don't feel unsecure. Not even for a second!

After the worst earthquake ever last Friday, another earthquake strike Japan again. Followed with the nuclear explosion and radiations. God help them.

When I saw the footage of how the waters sweep over the cities where houses got swept away just like a piece of paper. This is so scary. Somehow, I felt sad seeing so many people left homeless and worst still, all alone when their loves one got swept away into the oceans.…