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Claypot Rice, Thompson Corner, Tabuan Jaya

This is going to be a short post ...

When I'm craving for claypot rice, the only place that I'll go is Thompson Corner, Tabuan Jaya. For me, they have the best claypot rice in the city. lol ...

Anyway, each time I got here, I never remember to snap the picture of the food. Most of the time, I'll be thinking 'where is my food'. They have a lot of customer, especially during lunch hour.

Since I forgot to snap the picture of thefood, I'll just describe what it is. It is actually steam rice which is cooked again in a pot, together with the chicken and the soy source. The salty fish makes the whole pot more tempting. Also, they include some chinese sausage in it...

For spicy lovers, the whole things is more perfect with the small serving of small chillies.
Anyway, I manage to snap a picture of BF enjoying the claypot rice.

Lunch at Hua San Court, Hui Sing

It is actually a shame that I've stayed at Hui Sing for 28 years and I've never been to this coffee shop! So, on one morning where it is drizzling, I asked my dad to go out Hui Sing for lunch.

While waiting for my dad to visit his favourite shop (lottery shop, what else!), I walked around and saw a stall selling my old time favourite - Claypot mee.

The best claypot mee that I've tried is 'mee in pot' at Hong Kong Noodles, Wisma Saberkas. I've tried a few stall around Kuching but none is of it comparable to the one in Hong Kong Noodles. The price there is reasonable too, compared with other place.

Since I'm the one that is more fussy with food, my dad just let me decide where to had lunch. I ordered seafood claypot mee while my dad ordered 'pak lo' pork rice.

The claypot mee is superb! With some wine in the soup, it totally change the whole taste of the dish. The soup taste a little bit sour and sweet. The prawn and fish is very fresh too. The mee is nic…

Traffic Jam in Kuching

Two decades ago, Kuching might only be a city filled with bicycles and motorcycles or maybe one car per family.

One decades ago, Kuching might just be a city where one family may already have 2 cars - daddy drive one car, mummy drive another.

Today, the traffic in Kuching is getting worst and is almost comparable with big cities such as Kuala Lumpur. One family might even own more than 2 cars (for kids too). Businessman is multiplying.

For those who don't know where Kuching is, well, it is the main cities in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Few weeks ago, I've snap some photos of the traffic in Kuching. It is actually a random shots as I'm bored waiting for the traffic light to turn green...

Any idea what will the traffic like in another 10 years time? Hhmmm.....

Cam-whore of Pooh

Sleeping time
Let me start with the sleeping place. Her afternoon nap would usually be my old sofa. If anyone sits there, she will use her nose to push your leg away as a signal that she wants to go up and sleep.

And at night, it will be at her DIY bed.

And, not forgetting, her toys.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ......

And get bullied by me..... By covering her all over And painting her nail
By the way, I've replace her old one with new toys ........

During the morning, she will always sit anywhere, day dreaming of .... rats?

And happily showing her imagination of killing one....

Then cleaning my leg after the happy ending dreams....

Or sharpening her teeth ....