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The Word BOM

This would be a short post.

While I'm doing my work in the office and while chatting with JenJen as my excel is running, suddenly we talk about the words BOM. For some of you, BOM defines the object that can explode and the word BOM is extremely critical especially in places like airports. But for us, BOM is not only referring to BOM.

Confuse? Let me explain. I am a material planner and in my job BOM is extremely important to me. All my word depends on BOM. In this case, the BOM that I'm talking about is Built of Material - BOM.

As the word BOM is extremely critical in airport and this BOM is actual very critical in my job task, imagine this situation.

Let say I'm going for a business trip and had already arrive in airport. As I arrive early, therefore, I decided to complete my BOM task which only left 1 step. Suddenly, I receive an office call. Here is goes:
Me : Hello
Caller : Has the BOM updated?
Me : Some of the BOM is done and ready in place to be launch while some need to …

Inflation - UP UP UP

Not long ago, all of us are being hit by the petrol crisis. With the increase of 40%, it was a major 'heart' attack to everyone especially those who are in medium and lower level income. Some takes the initiative of using motorbike to work. Indirectly this may lead to higher percentage of road accident. My monthly petrol expenses is RM150. Now, it would be RM200 per month.

Then, before everyone settle down, another stroke hits our mind, that is, rice. In the 'olden' days (few months ago), the rice that I normally buy only cost RM28. Now, the price hits more than RM50! Imagine the impact of this two major attack. Let say my family consume 1 packet of rice per mth. Therefore, rice budget increase to RM55.

Few days after the announcement of the increase for both major items, here comes the electricity increase. Although it doesn't affect us directly, but indirectly, it affect all of us. Those big company producing our daily item would increase the material cost as petr…

HE is Fair - Good Things Follows After Bad Happening

HE is Fair - Good Things Follows After Bad Happening

Early last year, there are a lot of bad happening in my family. Begin with me having quite a financial problem for some reason, it follows by a big strike in my family. All thi happening almost at a time that drifted my family into financial lost.

I always believe that God do things with concerns and He has His own way to reveal to us about the path in our life. After the financial hit in my family, I am totally broke (so as my family). Begin with salary adjustment in my company, I begin to have a better salary that can cover up my debts. Trying hard to save up, I am also struggling to help my dad in grocerries. Car is the biggest commitment to me apart from the PTPTN debt and some credit cards debt.

Well, things starts to get better for me when I have bonus early this year. I used some to settle off the credit card and save some for the a.k.a future. As I know that my dad is also financially burden with grocerries & paying for a K…

Future Ahead of Us

Have you ever think about what would our future be? The first challenge we face would be learn how to walk. Then, the challenge of going to school. Pass the exam, get credited for the excelent results, UPSR, PMR and the SPM. After secondary, our challenge would be to stay far from our family and learn to be independent. Waking up at noon is a trend and sleeping past midnight is just like a daily routine.

After graduation, we face another challenge of job hunting. First job, second job our part time job, it is still looking for job. As we work and received the first income, we proudly show it to our parents or close one.

As a newbies to earn money, some of us might simple over spend and forgetting about the hard earn money. Couple of years later, we realize "Gosh, I've been working for years now and that's the figure in my bank account!". Then, we start to wonder off from the day 1 when we starts to work.

With the inflation, increase in petrol and all sorts of inflati…

Pathway to Fun Relationship

SMSes is the best way to cheer up your relationship.... So send some loves smses to your loves one and see their response. SMS that going on today:

ME :
I wrote ur name in the SKY,
But the WIND blew it away..
I wrote ur name in the SAND,
But the WAVES washed it away..
So I wrote ur name in my HEART,
N 4 Ever it will STAY

BF :
Don't write there, later fall, later hurt, later hospitalized

ME :
Why does a man fall in love? Lack of experience. Why does he break off love? Lack of patience. Then why does he want to fall in love again? Lack of Memory!

BF : Because the man loves the women

ME :
The moon is calling u!
The stars are shining for u!
The birds are singing to u!
My heart says: "I LOVE YOU"

BF :

For some of you, this might sound nonsense and crazy or stupid. But for me and the minority of me, this is where love blossoms and grow.....

Traditional Chinese Wedding & Decorations

Not long ago, my nephew got married. Yes, my nephew! Can't imagine how old am I until my nephew is getting married. Anyway, I ease myself by saying that my nephew is 2 years older than me. But again, thinking of becoming an aunty 2 years before I'm born is another thing. Hahaha....

I better cut the crap here ... The wedding this time is a little bit combination of east and west M'sia and a little bit of Christian and Buddhist combination of wedding as well. Complicated though but I guess my nephew had converted into one Buddhist now.

Hakka's Tradition to eat "E"

Firstly, the wedding items. A basket full with stuff such as needles, measuring tape, fan, etc, etc... All this is suppose to be prepared by the bride side (I think). Oh ya, not forgetting chicken. I think the meaning of chicken are to wish the couples to have lots of kids. Oh ya, not forgetting the lamp. I'm not sure what is the purpose of the lamp ..

Again, the car decoration is done by my brother …

Jokes for Thumb Drive User

AAA : Let me show you the picture. Plug this thumb drive into your PC
BBB : How to plug ?
AAA : Plug it in your usb port.
BBB : Where is it ?
AAA : (Pointing) That one is usb port
BBB : OK, then ?
AAA : Open window explorer then go to the folder location.
BBB : OIC (click on the files)
AAA : Here is all the picture. You choose lar.
BBB : OK, then I will find the picture. I return you your thumb drive (intend to plug off from the port)
AAA : Wait, Wait. you plug off how you can view ? Copy it in your D Folder
BBB : Is it? Ok (copy and paste actiono)
AAA : You are pasting at the wrong location. It is still in my thumb drive location. Move it to your desktop.
BBB : Haaa, ok ok..
AAA : Now, go to the safety remove and remove the thumb drive from the system
BBB : OK. (opening windor explorer again).
AAA : No no, not this one. The safety remove at the corner of the task bar.
BBB : Huh ? Where ? What is that ? Why need to remove ?
AAA : Of course need to remove. To prevent from data lost.
BBB : Oic, the…

Father's Day Celebration

Yesterday marks a year has passed since the lastime we all celebrated Father's Day. Thinking back of what our parents has sacrifice for us, not every parents is as good as our own parents.

I still remember when my dad use to pick me up from school each time after school. How my dad wakes up early in the morning just to send me to school. I still remember how furious he is when I joined Hockey club and bringing home one hockey stick. Well, I'm a girl. For him, hockey is not a game for girl.

When in Universities, I use to be extremely stingy (that's what my dad call me) with my money and expenses. With RM400, I can survive the whole month (Rental = Rm160, Electricity & Water bill = RM10, food, etc). There is one time during my 1 week semester break before exam, I stayed at home studying. As I'm lazy + no car, therefore, I prefer to eat at home and cooked. I have only RM7 with me at that moment. My dad was so furious and worried when each time he asked me how much I h…