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Sabah - Heavenly Place

I got some photos of Sabah that are given from my friend, thought of posting it into my blog cause the scenery is extremely heaven! Enjoy the photo and I hope all of you too thinks the same like me ... :)

The sky in borneo of Sabah ... amazing, huh ? Lately, I can't see such clear sky in Kuching. It's kind of polluted and hazy in Kuching now. How I wish, I'm in Sabah now..hehehe

Scenery of the landscape of Sabah. Amazing, right ??

For this one, it looks like a farm, like the sheep farm in New Zealand (without the sheeps). The grass is so green and I'm sure that the air there is much better than our aircond at home.

Photo os a sunset. So warmth ...

Beach ... I wish I'm here. The water looks sparkling from here, agree ? From the landscape I've got, Sabah is a nice place for me to spend rest of my life. Hehehehe ....

The town of Sabah. Indeed, Sabah too is a busy place too. With all the cars and building everywhere, do stop by for a drink at the Ba…
Flower of Dragon Fruits

I took this photo and think it's a nice photo. It's a flower of a dragon fruits.

From the blooming of the flower, I can see how life goes. Like this tree, we may face a lot of difficulties For a tree to bear fruits, they need a lot of nutrients and space in order to survive. Same like human. Along the way of surviving, we do face difficulties and sweetness. So. whatever that happens, never give up!!