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Sarawak Election - 16th April 2011

After my yoga last night, I went together with my dad to one of the speech by DAP. Well, to tell the truth, I am not the all so political kind of people. For me, politics is not what I'll get myself into.

Anyway, the crowd of DAP supporter is undeniable! No doubt that most of them are chinese but still, there's so many that willing to come out and listen to them! When it starts to rain, the crowd is still there. This is really amazing.

What is your opinion about politics and election? For me,  I believe that everyone have a dream. Dream leads us to what we are and what we want to be. Whether it is BN or DAP, they all have a dream and path that has been built since day one.

For those of you out there that is still thinking who to vote, well, think of what have both parties done. Who is the one that is obviously showing sincerity? Who fight for the people? When I say people, I mean human regardless of who they are! I believe that most 'kopitiam talk' votes for the peo…

Fish Head Noodle

Have anyone been to this coffee shop? I have heard people talking about this place for almost a year now but shame to say that this is the first time I’ve been here. Lol!

This shop is selling noodles, rice and ‘beehoon’ with the ingredient of fish. I must say that the fish is quite fresh. If you likes prawn, they too have menu of prawns together with the rice or noodles.

Another signature menu of this coffee shop is their fish soup with milk. I thought of ordering this menu but as I’m on diet, I decided to order the plain type. Hehehehe…

With the price that I’m paying, I’m satisfied with the portion that they serve me. However, if I am to come here for every lunch time, I’ll get broke in no time.

Shell RM20 Voucher for Ron 97

As my car is due for servicing, I decided to drop by SHELL station to buy the oil for servicing. Reason that I bought the oil there than just drop into service centre is because I want to earn both credit card point and bonuslink point. Hahaha!

To my surprise, they gave me a RM20 voucher for the oil that I bought. Yeah, that's what I call money value! The oil is RM104. If I deduct the voucher, it means, it cost me only RM84. Yeahhh!!!!

What are you waiting for? Go go get one too!

Ayam Pansuh or Bamboo Chicken

If you ever comes to Kuching, make sure that you try out the local food – Ayam pansuh. This is one type of dish that I will never reject in my whole life! The taste of the chicken is extremely tasty and excellent!

The chicken is stuffed into a bamboo before the next process of cooking them. Rather than using the normal cooking method (oven/microwave/fry), the bamboo are barbequed.

The taste of the chicken is extremely sweet. If you use ‘ayam kampung’, it is even tastier! Hhmmm, I’m swallowing my saliva now by just thinking of this ayam pansuh.