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Frenz and Family Cafe

Have anyone been to this new cafe? Actually not so new but for me, its new!! Hahaha ... If your have 'wow' book, you can actually get some discount from it.

Another farewell lunch that I've had is at this cafe. I must agree that they have a very nice and warmth environment. My friends complain about the air circulation though.

The food - not bad. But one thing that makes me wonder is that there's only one worker. Hhmmm, the cashier is the waitress. Hahaha .. !

I like the lamb chop. The meat is quite soft and not very 'red' too. The pasta is nice too. But I must say that, the pizza is the best. The one we ordered are the Hawaiaan Pizza. Yummy!! It is better than Pizza Hut and Pizza Junction. Hhmmmm....

Ranchan Park

After I've submitted my resignation to my big boss, I actually feeling extremely guilty and sad to have the intention of leaving. I thought it suppose to be something I should be happy but then, his sincerity to ask me to stay really makes me feeling guilty.
Since my dad plan to go Serian, I decided to stop by at Ranchan to taste the cold water. Also, I need to clear my mind and release those tension in choosing between A or B. Although I know that I shouldn't turn back, but at a point, I felt guilty.
We stopped by the Serian market to have breakfast. My dad and I ordered fried kueh tiaw while BF order kolo mee. Oh well, food price in Serian is comparative with Kuching now. 

There's not many people at that time though (or maybe I'm too early). I manage to take some pictures of the scenery there. Although there's a lot of lagenda about how 'dirty' this place is, I must admit that the environment is just so stress release!

I must say that local people must r…

Sweet Corn from USA

Have anyone came across corn seller that put up a remark saying sweet corn from USA?

The truth, I really doubt that the corn is from USA. And even if the seeds is indeed from USA, that doesn't make the sweet corn to be FROM USA. Whenever I saw this remarks put up by the corn seller, I would usually ignore them although I loves to eat corn. Don't you think that this is actually misleading facts?

My dad planted sweet corn where the seed is from US too. So does that makes my sweet corn here born from USA? Nonsense!

45th MKA German Shepherd Dog Specialty Show

Ok, I must admit that this is extremely super late posting! I have totally no time to do any editing of the pictures or even to write about it. This few months has been crazily busy for me. Sigh...

Anyway, on the 23rd Oct, I went to watch the german shepherd show at jubilee ground. The event starts at around 4pm until 9pm. BF is crazy about german shepherd. We have been arguing about whether to keep a shepherd or rottweiler in future. lol!

Not going to talk much but to show the pictures that I've taken. Enjoy!