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Food Food and More Food!

Have you ever wonder what to have for your lunch? During my UL, I would usually go out to eat lunch. Sometimes, went to simple 'kopitiam' such as BDC A1B2, 4th mile (outside Everise), Sungai Maong (any of the kopitiam) or even King Centre Da Lai.

Once a while, I'll ask my dad to go and eat at 7th mile, 10th mile or in any of the air-condition places. The other day, I went to 7th mile with my dad. I realize that there are one shop at the normal kopitiam that I use to eat. There are a lot of variety of rice such as tom yam fried chicken rice, spicy chicken rice, salad chicken rice and a lot more! Mine is butter chicken rice. I still remember that the lastime I had butter chicken rice is 4 yrs ago (*wink*).

Rm4.50. I like the way they presented the food. The taste is not bad and the rice is definitely not cheap rice!
Well, if I went out with BF and we are hunger for some tea break, I would usually just order the 7 dish soup in Boulevard food court (share, I can't finish that…

Cough, Flu and Fever

Last Saturday, I'm hit the 'jackpot' for the three H1n1 symptoms: cough, flu and fever. Actually on Saturday, it's only cough. Then Sunday cough and flu. On Monday, went to the in-house clinic for body temperature checkup : 38.3 degree. Last night, the news in ntv7 says that whoever with fever more than 38.5 degree should be quarantine and given H1N1 anti-viral injection. *wink*

So, Monday evening, went to KPJ and fever is back to normal (I took some panadol after knowing that my fever is 38.3). The doctor just gave me cough syrup (which I called as sleeping water), lozenge, antibiotic and flu pills. Trust me, the pills are the biggest I've ever seen so far!! Gosh, I hate pills. MC on Tuesday. The doctor there terrified me when she ask me to go SGH if I cough blood or fever going up.

Then, went back to work on Wednesday but obtain MC from in-house clinic due to non-stop coughing. Better stayed at home than infecting others with the virus. Since Thursday is my UL, so,…

Goku Turns Super Saiya at Planet Namek

Can't help it.. recently, I am again addicted with dragon ballz. So, went to youtube to look for the shots where Goku turns into super saiyan. Enjoy!

El Nino - Impact on Health

During this time, all of us should take special care of our body and life. This morning, I woke up feeling gloomy and running nose. I started to have cough last Saturday and yesterday running nose. It seems like no matter how much water I drank, it is still not enough. Gosh!

El-nino + H1N1 + Haze + no rain ... this is really a 'perfect' combination for diseases around. My office sounds like a 'private clinic' with some of us coughing and not feeling well.

I read in newspaper this morning that the Batu Kitang dam is in critical level. Huh! First is the Gerugu Dam in Sarikei. Now, the condition seems to worsen. Hopefully that the Marakot Typhoon really will bring rain soon. My dad started to fill his empty aquarium with waters. He have 2 big, empty aquarium. I think the water in the aquarium would last us for 2-3 days only. Haaaiihzzzz ....

Let us all pray for rain....

30 Days No Shopping Challenge

Previously in my blog, I have set a challenge for myself, which is not to spend unnecessary. Items which consider unnecessary are nail polish, nail sticker, new cloth/bag/earing/watch/etc. Even junk food is consider an unnecessary. We exclude aerobic from the unnecessary list since it keeps our body healthy and maintain good metabolism.
So, the challenged is finally over for a week plus. Want to know how much I've spent for the whole month? Well, I deducted off petrol, ang pau (for weddings) and phone bills. For the whole month of Jul'09 I've spend RM240, this means averagely RM60 per mth!
Roughly this is my routine expenditure per week: Every Friday night, I went to MJC pasar malam and spent roughly RM15. On most UL and Saturday, I would usually had lunch outside with my dad, averagely RM15 per week.Aerobics, once a week instead of twice a week = RM4Roughly I spend about RM40 per mth for items such as shampoos, soap, etc. This gives to RM10 per week. Church donation ->…