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DD's Fried Macaroni in Cabbage & Egg

Friday's special.
Yesterday afternoon, suddenly, I seems to hunger for cabbage cook in eggs like what I used to eat during school time. However, feeling that I'm as well bored with rice, I decided to cook macaroni with cabbage and eggs.
Reaching home around 7.30pm after a walk in 'pasar malam' (night market), I prepare the ingredients while eating (boiling the water while eating). Kekeke... I can't wait to lay my hands on the macaroni actually.
Here it goes. First, I boil the macaroni in the boiling water and not let it gets too soft (I still need to fried it). Then, I chopped the cabbage into slices.
I put white onions, garlic and red onions into the pan. Then, when it smells nice, I put in my cabbage until it turns more greenish. Here goes my eggs into the pan and just fry them until it smell nice. After that, I put in the macaroni, mixed them all together. Oh ya, not forgetting salt and 'kicap cair'.
As I thought BF say he would buy curry chicken, therefo…

DD's Mixed Crab with Salty Vege and Mince Pork

Thursday's Foody.

This is yesterday menu actually. I forgot to take the pictures for my breakfast but basically it's almost the same.
For breakfast, I ate fried egg with crab meat and hotdogs. 2 hotdogs for BF and 1 for me. For the eggs, I put 2 eggs and divide between breakfast and lunch. BF bought RM1 mee in case my breakfast is not enough (end up complaining too full).

For lunch, I added in the salty vege with mince pork. Well, at home I put these two items separated (salty vege with mince pork separate from the fried eggs).
Mixed Fried Egg Preparation
This is easy. I put 2 eggs into one bowl, then put in red onion, salt and crab meat and beat them all together. Then fry them into 3 pieces : 2 for breakfast and 1 for lunch.
As for the salty vege and mince pork, well, recipes cooked by my dad. It was actually my leftover dinner, so I slightly change my lunch menu by putting them on top of the eggs. Hehehehe...

DD's Mixed Salad

Wednesday's Diet.

Another of my lunch menu of this week. I guess there is no need to elaborate more about this. Lazy person like me has the short cut for everything.
I just cut the hotdogs into pieces, the prawn into half and the cabbage into my desired size. Oh ya, not forgetting my cucumber. Well, I marinate the cucumber with sugar to makes it sweet. Then, I boiled all of them (to cleanse the vege from 'racun' and to make sure the hotdogs and prawn is cooked).
The mayonaise, easy! Just buy the ever ready from supermarket. Hahaha!!

DD's Easy Made Seaweed Soup

Tuesday's Soup. Again, I cook some seaweed soup for myself and shared to BF during lunch. Yeah, I loves seaweed!

I made a mistake by rinsing the seaweed at night. I should just left it as it is. Other ingredients are prawn, hotdogs and onions. Hahahaha....

Lazy to elaborate (simple recipes). No photo .. hehehe, ....