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Looking For Web Hosting? Stop Finding And Get IPSERVERONE Web Hosting!

While searching for a web hosting, I came acrossIPSERVERONE web hosting. IPSERVERONE is a 5 years old web hosting company that provides a very reliable support and attractive packages. Although they can be consider as a new company, still this company is very strong! You can check it out the partners that is with them.

IPSERVERONEweb hosting is a Malaysia Web Hosting that provides services regardless of your whether your system, be it a Windows, Java or Linux. Some web hosting doesn't support Linux but they do! This is how good they are. Their shared web hosting is created for clients who hunger for the best of the best on reliability with the best support. Furthermore, the price offered is very much affordable!! That's the miracles of it! Affordable price!!

Still not convince? OK, let me ellaborate on how strong this company are. IPSERVERONE has partnership with some famous web design such as WebFirm, ecd, NETSARIUS and Gecko Studio. They also have partnership from e-commerce s…

Malaysia's Local Food

Ya, in Malaysia, we do have our own local foods. Some of them is nice and good to cool off the heat of the sun, while somes, is very 'hot'.

The other day, I have snap some photos of the local food that can be found in Malaysia. Among them are dragon fruits, 'kue ni', 'rambutan', banana, pamelo, limau madu (don't know how to translate to English) and the king of the fruits : DURIAN. Hahaha....!!!

Anyone thirsty? Let grab some coconut drinks...

Banana!! Full with energy. A banana in the morning can help with toilet thingy. Hahaha!!!

Any of you can guess what this plant are?
Let me tell you.. it's ground-nut, or in BM, kacang tanah. When you boil it, it taste superb!

Can you see the 2 trees? One of them is 'kue ni' tree. It's not the season yet.. But when it is the 'kue ni' season, the whole place is gonna have original 'perfume'. Hahaha!!

I know this picture is sort of blur.. Well, now is rambutan season!! Let's have some rambuta…

Sushi King RM2 Promotion Fun

I know this posting is WAAAAAAY to late but I can't help it. Never had time to download all the pictures from my camera into my PC. Hahaha.. Yeah, I'm a lazy person. We reached there at around 1pm. Since it is very late for lunch, therefore the queue is not that long. We waited for about 10 minutes only. Yayayyaa..

I looked from outside

I'm here.... and it doesn't takes a long time..

Peeping from the line to see where got free seat.. Do you see the end of the sit there? It's empty...

Finally when it reaches our turn to go in, we tried to look for Unagi on the belt. Sadly, there is none. Hungry and anxious, we just took whatever second choice other than Unagi. Huhuhu.. no unagi. I tried and grab as much as possible the baby octopus.. I love it very much!! Yummy..Yummy...

BF grab a lot of salmon until we both felt sick with salmon smell now..After a while, I finally ate 7 plate of sushi. And I manage to grab purple plate. This means that without the promotion, purple pla…

Personal - Release of Tension

Yesterday had a bit of argument with BF. Since his promotion, he seems to be stressed with his work that sometimes, I felt that he has ignored me. Tried to tell him how I felt but it turns out to be another argument.

I say, I felt being ignored. He say he is stress and I should understand him. I give examples and he say I should just remind him. I say he seems different and he says he has not changed. What I say seems wrong and I ask him on how he wants me to say it. And he says let me figure it out. How am I suppose to figure it out when he doesn't even tell me on how should I express myself. This points gives me to have one conclusion.

Then I say, lastime his way of treating me and now is very different. He say he is stress with work and I should understand. Then I say, I need is just he treat me like lastime. He say "Dulu lain, sekarang lain". What does he mean by that? Can anyone tell me? What is the differences between lastime and now? Is it that lastime different b…

The Beauty of Earth - God's Work is Marvelous

Can man turn Earth into what God's work is ? This is very nice scenery and thinking of sharing them with everyone here..

Petrol - Floating Rate vs Fixed Rate

As I'm in the mood of reading TheStar and also nagging from BF to ask me to increase my general knowledge, so I go visit TheStar and read some news.

In my despair, I came across the news with title "Fuel Price Plan on Monday - either set floor level or float".

The news is about the discussion of whether or not to set the fuel price as floating or flat. Well, I don't mind if they set it into the flat rate. But when I get to the end of the paragraph, I was very annoyed that I can't stop from posting my opinion in my blog. The paragraph sounds like this:

"Shahrir said Fomca had proposed that the petrol floor price be set at RM3 per litre to encourage the prudent use of petrol, promote the use of public transport and push for development in alternative energy"

My first impression is "WHAT??!!!" Just because of promoting public transport, the suggestion is to set the petrol price as RM3 per litre??? Come on lah!! We are oild producer and we pay the sa…