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El NiNo - Water Shortage Soon?

~~~ Continuation from my previous posting of el-nino ~~~
Hey readers, read this news!

It seems like if everyone still wasting water, we will run out of water very soon. According to Bernama, the water at Gerugol Dam is depleting. The water shortage is affecting Sarikei, Simunjan and also Samarahan. Gosh, I'm working nearby to Samarahan area. I can't imagine how smelly would the toilet be if there is no water here!

According to sources (NST), the water level had dropped to a critical level. Gerugul dam in Sarikei can only serve water for 2 more weeks. In fact this is not the only worst news. Places such as Niah, Bekenu and Bakong rely only on water relief supplies. The government has taken action to starts water seeding beginning this Monday.

I am consider lucky as I am in Kuching. Recently I realize that the flow of the pipe water is weird. I thought that it is nothing. I hope things won't gets worst.

As I am typing this post, it sounds to me that outside is raining heavily. Ya…

El-Nino is Here

Few days ago, there are news about El-Nino in Kuching. That time, Samarahan has been reported with the highest API reading. As I'm day dreaming in the car, I realize that the sun is reddish in color and everywhere seems to be smoky.The smell of the air is extremely bad. I could feel that I'm smelling something burnt off. When I breath out, the air is really hot and sandy. It is said that this will continues until Oct'09. Gosh, I'm hoping for rain now. This kind of weather really makes me lazy to do anything, not even going to aerobics.
Anyway, cut the crap.. So here are some tips from worldofdidi in handling this coming of el-nino.Drink Plenty of Water
With this kind of weather, we should drink plenty of waters. Eventhough drinking more waters makes us go washroom more often, it is better than risking our health. H1N1 is everywhere and the humidity is also killing us. Drinking more water won't cause any harm to out body. Turn on the lights while driving
This morning, …

New Hair Cut at Mike Saloon, Sg Maong

Most of the time, I would get my hair cut at Mike Saloon, Sg Maong. I like the way the stylist cut my hair. It is always up to what I want it to be. My first plan is actually to get my hair cut at Cutting Edge because of their RM9 promotion. I didn’t go though because the promotion ends 31st July.

Anyway, I went to my common saloon but a bit disappointed as the guy that normally cuts my hair is not there. I guess he resigned because I saw a vacancy notice to hire another hair stylist. I think this also means that this would be the last time I had my hair cut there. Well, I don’t mean that I don’t like other stylist but I prefer that stylist because he knows what I want more.

Anyway, here is my new hair style. I told the stylist to maintain my hair length and only to layer it. Since I’m addicted with the effect selection in my camera phone, therefore, I took my own photos with some effects.

For those that thinks this hair style is nice and wants to go to this saloon, it is located at Sg M…

Anime Show by Swinburne Anime & Manga Society

This is actually one of my late posting. Well, few weeks ago (I can’t remember when), the Swinburne Anime & Manga Society had organized an anime show in Boulevard.
There are a lot of anime toys and comics are displayed. For me, I only know few anime toys, they are transformer, dragon ballz, spawn and alien. My favourite are Goku (with gold hair) and Gohan (Goku’s son). I first knew about this in university. Yeah, I know that I’m very outdated! Well, that time I spent a night at my friend’s house and she has the whole sets of Dragon Ballz comics. Since she is still sleeping and I got nothing to do, so I just sat and began to read the dragon ballz comics. I got so addicted that I even borrowed more than 20 episodes back to Kuching. Well, my parents thought I’m crazy because I only bring home comic books and 2 books that I want to study. Anyway, I like the character Goku and Gohan!
OK, cut the crap. So for those that who are anime fan, they would definitely be standing still looking at…

Desserted by You

You're part of my routine,
Every day waking up for you
Although dreamland awaits my existence
But there is no turning back
For I needed you in my life

Today especially is one of those days
The day where I'm forcing myself
In waking up and carry on this routine
As without you, I'm helpless
Helpless in getting dreams come true

Day by day, weeks turn into months
You have seems to desserted away
With all the troubles all around
Will you struggle for me?
Or deserted me forever?

Kuching Festival 2009

Kuching Festival will be here on 31st July until 23rd August, from 6:00pm until 11:00pm. For those that hungers for all sorts of foods in Kuching, don't miss this chance! Well, I'm eager to go there eventhough I feels that every year they have the same thing.

For those that had never been to this festival before, well, we can expect lots of food variety at the food fair section, businesses such as car sale, insurance and lots more. For those that had nothing to do and are bored, you can also go and watch the performance show that they have. For me, I go there for the food.. Hehehe....

Anyway, I got this map from google.. For those that is interested to participate and had no idea where is it... Just google, and you'll get the answer...

Maps to Kuching Festival @ Dewan Masyarakat (MBKS):

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For more details, can visit the website :

Motivation for Second half of 2009