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DaLight Food Court @King Centre

Haven't got any clue where to had your lunch in Chinese style in a more cost saving way? Well, if you nearby at King Centre, you can try out this stall. I believe this stall is quite new as I had never seen them before (which is maybe 1 year ago, lol).

Kuching has a lot of places where we could fill our stomach. There's no worry of hunger as long you have some cash in your wallet. I can't remember the last time I went here but before this, this stall doesn't exist.

From the way that the stall owner speaks and answer my broken Mandarin questions, it is obvious that she came from China. My dad use to nag me as I have problem choosing where to order my food. Anyway, there's a lot of choices at this stall. I guess they know that not all Malaysian speaks Mandarin, therefore, the picture makes it easier for customer to order their food. I totally forgotten the name of this food. The taste ... superb! My dad order 'malak noodle'. Well, I forgot to snap the noodles o…

Pooh Again with More Actions

Ok, more photos of my dog... Hehehehe...

The other day, which playing with her, I realize that she got layered colored on her neck. It looks fo well maintain that I can resist not to snap the photos. Also, some picture when she get excited to play....

3 layer.... Pooh looking for her toys. I've 'quarantine' it because of the smells... I think if I throw it into Rejang river, all the fish would die... My dad showed her toy to her... When I'm doing my ironing, she slept just right beside me. I wonder whether it is because of accompanying me or just scared of 'ghost' Yesterday I gave her some chicken cook with red wine (lots of wines). She end up, drunk.... And later, hide her nose ... When she woke up, I played with her ear ... Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....! Wondering why I always hurt myself when playing with her? Well, look at her nails!!!

Honda GoldWing Bike

A while ago, while walking around 7th mile, I came across this bike, which is owned by someone. The owner - unknown. But the bike really attract my attentions.
From the plate on the bike, it is call the Honda GoldWing. For me, it is call Big bike. Gosh, I wonder if I'll have a chance to sit at passenger even for a minute!
I'm not sure where is the owner.. With my amazement, I looked at the functions that the bike has. Wow, guess what... This bike is air-conditioned!!! Now I'm wondering how the air-conditioned would work. Whle you are on the road, isn't it true that the wind is would blow the air-conditioned away? It's like turn on your air-conditioned when you are in your car and at the same time, open the window. Hhmmm...
With my curiousity, I googled a little bit to see the history of this bike. This is what I get from Wiki:
"The Honda Gold Wing motocycle had its debut in 1975 and became one of the most popular motorcycles in history. Initially intended as a …

Dinner @ Kuching Park Hotel

Last Saturday, BF and I attended his company annual dinner. Well, I'm invited by his boss since we are the so call customer. That night, I don't really feel well. I guess it must be due to the heavy instrument during my own company dinner.

Anyway, dinner suppose to start at 7:00 pm. As usual, our typical time would always be non punctual. The dinner for the night is buffet style. I remember there's shark fin soup, spaghetti, fried rice, lamb curry, vegetables, cakes, fruits and a lot more. I didn't take much picture on the food though. Well, I have to behave like a customer, right? Hahaha...

So, while waiting for the green light to dash myself to the food section, I play around with my phone, snaping some 'nonsense' photo.

After we had our dinner, BF's boss went up to talk about their company overview, etc. Not going to go into detail on this. I almost doze off due to heavy tummy. Ooppsssss.. ..
After his speech, it's party time for them. This is out of my …