Grand Supermarket, Satok - 50% Sales

As I glanced through the newspaper yesterday, there are one advertisements gets to my eye. So I read it further. Well, gals are most likely to be attracted to the words "Sales" and 50% Sales is really a good deal that I would read more about it. As I read, it says that there are 50% sales in the whole grand supermarket. Yeah, you read correctly.. It's 50% sales on all items which are controlled. This means clothing (branded or non-branded), watches, glasses, table cloth, towels, etc, etc, etc ....... Don't believe???

Well, since my bf needs to go to satok for some personal matters, so we went there to have a walk. With the super low air conditioning and thousands of homo-sapiens in the supermarket, I felt dizzy at first. Wherever I turns, there are dozens of homo-sapiens all around me. I was pushed from east to west and from west to south.

While walking there, it felts like I keep on reaching at guy's clothing section. Girl's clothing section seems to far to be reach. Reason.. There are too many people that I went round and round the same place, not knowing where I suppose to walk! Huh, I think I'm not the only one that are attracted with the sales.

Since everyone has just got their salary and many are ladies that searching for something new, that explains why the place is full with people. I could say that some of the section are vandalist. Hahaha!! Well, there are a lot of table cloth on the floor, most probably is because everyone would open one to see and then leave it there as there are too many heads and they don't seems to find a place to stand. The worst parts is also the guy section. Yeah, you read it right!!! The guy's underwear section looks like rubbish dump! All the undies are opened and drop on the floor!! Whahahaha, I never know that guys too are tempted with sales.

Wallet section is also very messy. There are thousands of wallet here and there and some seems spoilt because of too many hands touching on it. Kekeke,.... B.U.M equipments items are the most that are being bought. This section is extremely busy and messy too. Well, I didn't miss the chance to join in the party and bought myself a B.U.M bag for half price. Actual price are RM29.90 and I bought it for only RM14.95!!! I guess it is original because of the tag. My bf bought a working pants, which is slack. Can't remember what brand it is but the actual price is RM39.90. After the 50% discount, it is less than RM20!!

Then we went up to see more items. He is looking for glasses for Gawai and ice maker box. Well well well ..... I am too blurred at this moment and just been wondering round and round without knowing where I wants to go. When he is taking a look at the glasses, all I do is looking at him and not actually know what I'm looking at. The rack seems like being rob. Only few glasses left and the floor is so messy. He can't seem to find the glass that he likes. So he just bought 2 ice makers for RM2.90 (one for RM2.90).

While waiting for him to pay the bills, I stand almost outside the supermarket, waiting for him. I saw one guy, buying 4 luggage bags. I think it is really cheap that he decides to buy 4 luggage bag. Looking bored, I take a look at the watches. There are this watch that catch my eyes. The actual price is only RM11.90. Wondering whether or not I should buy, I just looked at it. When bf finally found where I am, I ask him whether I should buy the watch or not. He say it is nice. So, I decide to get one. At first, I thought there are no discount. When the guy came, I asked and he say yes, there is 50% discount on it too. Imagine one watch for RM6!!! One funny conversation captures me:

Buyer : Is all this 50% ?
Seller : Yes.
Buyer : Let me see those 2 purple watches.
Seller : (taking out the watch and let the lady have a look)
Buyer : I always buy watches from here. The other day, I bought one watch.
Seller : Got already why still wants to buy. One enough. Let other people have the chance to have one as well la.
Buyer : But I wants one more. Since so cheap.
Seller : (Taking the watches and keep it). No need la, you already have one bah. Why need so many watches.
Me : I want this one.
Seller : Ok. (Bringing the watches that I wants and keeps all other watches. While smiling at me...) Follow me to the counter ya.
Buyer : But I want that watches.
Seller : You already have one mar, no need liau.
Buyer : (blurred, looking at me) Did he let you buy one?
Me : (a bit paiseh) Yeah. I choose one already.

I was stunt and thought of laughing. Why is the owner of the shop doesn't let the poor lady have one watches as well? Is it because she is too choosy and picky? Or the owner simply doesn't wants to entertain her? Hahahaha ....

Tired and thirsty, I went down and buy one bottle of mineral water. Hehehe .... Bf has been pulling my ear for few times when I complains thirsty as I didn't drink water the whole days.. Huhuhuhu ....


Ching Ching said…
Really hope that i am now in Kuching!

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