Money - No. 1 Killer

Today, one of my colleague been talking to me about how he tries to reach his target of becoming a millionaire and to retires early. Part of the things that he mention including to have one million for one child and to gives all the things in the world for his wife and kids. He has been very hardworking in seeking for any possibility of chances and ideas that would bring him to the goal of getting millions of ringgit. After a few days of chat about the idea of money and more money, I really hope that he could realize that we live to earn more money but we live to have the time to use the money.

I'm not sure if I have the rights to say this but all I learnt is that money is important but health and family is more important. Indeed that once you have achieve the goals of becoming a millionaire, we could have plenty of time LATER for them. What if later never comes? What if your goal never achieves? Not only that you have lost the time but also it is too late to regret.

No doubt that everyone in this worlds wants to be a millionaire. Who would ever say their current money is enough? I bet none of us would say so. Even the priest too will think about money issue which is so far off in helping the needy. Money is never enough. When we have 1K, we tends to have 10K and when we have 10K, we will got for 100K. So when is it that we will have enough money? When we die?

He also mention that if he dies at least he has millions of dollars inherit for his family and kids. Is this what we really need? This is a modern world and achieving millions of dollars is everyone's dream. If my husband tells me that he work damn hard now for the sake of the future, I will ask "What is the future that you are talking about?". No one knows the future. Are you sure what you do now, which you mention as long term would really comes true? There is a 50-50 chances. But what if I die before I see your achievements? This doesn't mean that I looks down on my husband in achieving the dreams to be rich. But I rather that he used the time and energy wisely. Work is work. Business is business. Achieving goals is achieving goals. Above all, we should know and understand that FAMILY and GOD comes first!!!! Just for the sake of one appointment, so you forgotten about your prayer and family. What would your family at home thinks? No doubt you bring back bunch of money, but will they be happy? So what if you have dozens of buildings. Do you have the home in your house?

What a girl need most is the security and assurance from the husband. If I am to stay up late, waiting for my husband to come home form business appointment or joining them for business appointment until 2am every single day, I rather just kill myself. Live life today like you never live again. Why let your body and soul suffer just because of what you wants to achieve? There is limits for all things. There is once I attend a seminar. What I learnt there is no matter how busy and dozens of dreams in your list, we must always put family and God in front. Skipping church because of dinner with VIPs, coming home late because of playing golf with VIPs, etc... What about family? God? He die on the cross for us. Why money comes first? Family is the one that we spend the rest of our life but why money and VIPs are the one you serve? Indeed some would say suffer now, enjoy later. Can you really enjoy it? Are you sure you can enjoy it? Some advices here:

Live Life Like You Never Live Again Tomorrow!!

Be Thankful of What You Have and Never Ask for More As God Knows What is Best for Us!!

Prayer Brings Us to Success, Not the World.

Have Faith in Him and He Will Gives You What You Want.

Do Not Worry About Future, Let it Worries On It's Own!!!

Money is Important But Family and Health is Much Important!

We Can Buy House With Money BUT We Cannot Buy Home with Money.

Never Forgets the Grounds When You Are On Top

Above all, remember also that we live life once only!!!


rebeena said…
My opinion is Money do can buy anything but cnt buy TRUE LOVE

But still Money is important in our daily life and future.

We juz can PLAN & it need 360*D support around us to achieve our goal in life...hehehehe...

Only dream is FREE in this world...

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