My Chinese Horoscope

As I have just added an application in Friendster, it shows that my horoscope are the water dog. Here are the details:

Brief Description: Dogs will never let you down, they are honest, and faithful, they put others first but often worry too much.

Positive Traits: Attentive, well meaning, helpful, warm-hearted, altruistic, modest, devoted, philosophical, dutiful, discreet, intelligent and enthusiastic

Negative Traits: Nasty, mean-spirited, disagreeable, bad-tempered, self-righteous, judgmental, quarrelsome, accusing, nervous, anxious and impossible to live with

General Description of All Dog: Dogs can be a bit overwhelming, due in part to their attentive natures. They can march in and take control of a situation, even when it doesn't involve them directly. This can lead people to think Dogs are nosy or gossipy, but in reality, he just means well. Money and status don't matter to the Dog. He is more concerned with the welfare of his family and friends and will do whatever it takes to help them out of a tight squeeze or a rough spot. Once Dogs determine a subject of interest, they usually master that before taking off for a new adventure. They like to finish what they start. They are honest and trustworthy people, ethically strong and morally kept. They make loyal friends and companions.

Detailed of Water Dog: These Dogs have great foresight and are well-educated on many different things. This quality helps them appreciate other points of view, making them quite flexible and liberal. They are easygoing, but this can cause them to be too spendthrift with money and less loyal with friends. Still, because of their flexible natures and their ability to appreciate difference, these Dogs always have friends and are usually popular people.

Love Compatibility. My horoscope says I'm very compatible with the one born in year of tiger, horse and pig. With rats, my compatibility is 75%.
The description with rats : Compromises galore but happiness ensues. Much romance and cuddling companionship. Sex passionate but intermittent. Hatch a few Tiger and Horse and Monkey babies ..

Hehehehe ... Let see if the last sentence is true or not.. Hhmmm...


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