New Rape Case Tactic

A friend of mine forwarded an email regarding a story of a gal and new tactic to rape gals... Everyone.. Please read!!

This happened in a remote part of KL,Malaysia .It happened to one of our good friends. The girl left the office after working hours and saw a little child crying on the road. Feeling pity for the child, she went to ask what happened.
The child said, "I am lost. Can you take me home please? Then the child gave her a slip of paper and tells the girl where the address is.

And the girl, being an average kind person, didn't suspect anything and took the child there. And there when they arrived at the child home,the kind hearted girl pressed the door bell and she was electrocuted as the bell was wired with high voltage, and fainted.

The next day when she woke up, she found herself in an empty house up in the hills, naked. Condoms were all thrown around with semen flowing.There were at least about 20 condoms!

She has not even seen her assailant.

That's why nowadays crimes are targeted on kind people like us.
Next time if the same situation occurs, never bring the child to the intended place. If the child insists, then bring the child to the police station. Lost children are best to sent to police stations.


Prim3 said…
this is really very sad.. instead of being rewarded.. kind ppl are being punished like that instead.. :(
myTC said…
We cannot be kind a little cruel...not we don't want to become kind,we did it on order to protect ourself...
Dav DiDi said…
Hi prim3 & mytc, thanks for coming here ...

Kind ppl is always taken from granted .. i guess what we can do when we encounter this is to bring the kids to police station .. if the kids insisted on asking us to bring them somewhere else, i guess we must not follow .. it will sound fishy when a kid noe where his/her home but didnt walk home themselves.

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