True Loves – What a Girl Wants

As I watched the movie “Enchanted” today, it really makes me think what is true love and how do we know that the guy we met is our true love. The girl in the movie met her prince Edward and was crazily fallen in love with him. However, as the evil step mother of the prince cast him down to Earth, she met another guy. When Edward came to find her, she isn’t as trilled as she thought she would be, instead was feeling sad.

How do we know that the guy we met is the guy for us? Recently, I meet up with one of my ex-classmates via the modern technology of Internet. We once came to know each other and once had a story that never starts and never ends. Things are always not in the right path and I always avoids him too. After decade has past, we finally met each other again. However, things are different as I did not run away again. I guess between me and him is “Ada Pertemuan, Tiada Jodoh”. We never had a chance to really talk and discuss as I run away all the time. After decade pass, I felt that I am really childish (I’m still kids mar) and my running away has just keep both of us wondering. Before this, I always thought that I likes him while he on the other hand, never had the chance to tell me that he likes me. When he finally had his time to say it, although it’s just extremely late and I’m already with my lovely bf, I realize that the feeling I have for him is not the ‘like’ of loving a guy. It’s just an anxiety to know what loves is. It really took me decades to spank myself for being so foolish of avoiding him. The multi direction puppy love thingy really caught un-explain for years. As all the doubts and questions and answers are all out, I guess, it’s a big relax for me.

So what’s my point of saying this thing? Well, true loves come when we have fate and destiny to be with together. When we have the fate of meeting the one and decide that he is to be our destiny, there are more things to learn, that is, to accept each other weaknesses and strength. If there is one weakness that we think we can’t accept, he wouldn’t be the right guy. Why? Simple! Can you live you next 50 yrs with someone you always arguing? The biggest challenge in love is not to find the right person but to carry on the journey with him, remember always that we are human. We are not perfect. As time pass, we creates the true loves environment. But if any of the couple stops accepting the other person weaknesses, true love fades away.

I like the song in the movie Enchanted. Actually, I do thinks that the moral of this story is very good. We tends to forgot what loves means and symbolize it as very complicated and tends to add up all sorts of pros and cons into it. For example, when we choose a guy, we tend to say how wealthy he is, how handsome, smart and position he holds in his career. Does this really matter? What about the value of his heart? We should not judge a person based on the material stuff that he have but the true value of his characters.

OK. Enough about courting thingy. So, you got the girl you want. So that’s it? Well, girls need assurance from time to time that you loves her. Do something different all the time to impress her. Cook a meal for you, make drinks for her, buy her favourite fruits and give it to her or take her to simple but nice food. Or simply just write some loves note or poems to attract her. Sing for her too, even if you sound like a frog, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you really tried and never once forget her.

BUT do remember, we are not a doll that you can get and keep it there after a while. DO NOT neglect us for endless time of football match or fishing or even playing games until our existence are forgotten. Girls are easily annoyed.

Hhmmm, what a long posting I have today. That’s all…….


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