We Plan, HE Decides - We Can't Control our Destiny

Earlier in the morning, I have set my planned for what I wants to do in the evening. That is, have some simple breakfast, light lunch, aerobics and light dinner. This is the planned of fasting and dieting. After the light dinner, next plan to wait for my bf to come and together play with Daisy and listens to my dad's story on how naughty and hard work he need to do to takes care of the little devil.

Well, yeah, I had a light breakfast, didn't finish the porridge as I have no appetite for it. Then, 2 vege + 2 spoon rice for lunch. Jen gave me a big apple and I share them with my bf, forcing him to take 4 big bites of them. I guess, my diets still on track. Then for tea break, it's really unpredictable that the cafe are selling some onion ring. So, I bought RM1 (5pcs) and share with bf. He, bought a pack of 'fish keropok' and I ate them too. It was so tasty especially when dip into chillie sauce. At normal time, most of these keropoks are 300 cals per pack. When we finished eating, my bf show me the calories stated in the packet. OMG!!! It's 526 cals!!!! I was like ")_#(@_$(@)*$@)*@)($*" and "help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and babbling as the calories stated is so high. Plus with the onion rings, I don't dare to calculate my tea break total calories. But, in consoling myself, I says that I'm taking only 526/2=261 cals since he ate half of it. And those calories will be burnt during aerobics lesson. That is just to console and ease myself.

5.30pm and I rush to my car. While on my way I receive sms from my cousin in NZ... Here are the smses:

Cousin: "Call mama asap"
Me: "After my aerobics I call"
Cousin: "Ada makan, call now"
Me: "What makan, want to go aerobics"
Cousin: "Call 016*******"
Me: (Stupidly dialing the number without knowing who is the owner of the number)"

And the conversation between me and the recipients:

Me: "Hello, errrr"
Cousin2: "Hello, look for who?"
Me: "Errr, whose on the line?"
Cousin2: "Looking for who? Bina is it?"
Me: "Ya, whose this?"
Cousin: "Ah Luke here, moimoi ask you to call? Where are you now? Come mama house with your daddy and brother. You got aerobics?"
Me: "Errr, ya got aerobic but not yet reach. Makan?"
Cousin: "Mama cooked some food and Ah Sing coming also. You come lah"
Me: "Err, ok, I'll come after taking bath"
Cousin: "I wait for you. Come lah"

So, I think I don't have to elaborate again. My plans to burn those keropok shattered and instead, my light dinner plan is also GONE. Hellpppp me !!!!! Why is it that when I'm full with energy for diets that I will not be able to do so? Helpppppp...

I went back home and quickly take my bath and changed. Then, I realize another plan is going down the drain too. This would means that my bf can't come over tonight to play with Daisy. Huhuhuhuhu..... Went for the dinner, ate 3 pcs of fried chicken and 1 steam chicken and curry and vege. My godmum keep on giving me the vege. My cousin ask if I wants some cola or beer or can drinks. Thinking of the calories I took one whole day, I just say plain water better. Hahaha ..

So, diets goes down the drain. Bf not coming. Aerobics tak jadi. We can only plan but HE decide what will happen. So, my lesson.. Leave everything to HIM.


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