After Courting Stage - What Guy & Girl Would Do For Each Other

Hhmm.. Suddenly thought of writing on the situation after courting stage, which mean when one couple starts to date each other. I think there is no much point in talking about this when during courting stage... BECAUSE, everything gal say is a "YES" for guy. So, there is no point in talking about it ...

OK.. When a couple is dating, girl would do what she can to please the guys. Things like going to his house just to see him, listen to what the guy wants and later gives him a surprise, etc, etc ... A gal would also get very sensitive with her bf and sometimes, kiddingly angry just to see the guy's reaction.

Gals would also expect that the guy would gives him surprises like what he do during courting stage. She indirectly expects the guy to do as what she would willing to do for him. Sometimes, we (gals) would simply tries to prepare some dishes of food (simple or tough food) just for the guy to taste. No matter how bad we are in cooking, we will try to make something out of it. We calls bf when we are bored, happy, sad, sleepy, etc, etc..We even called just to say "TRAFFIC JAM!".. That is gals..

For guys .. Well, like I say in the first paragraph, during courting stage, everything is "YES". After a guy get the gal's heart, things are pretty much different. Gal likes surprises that a guy gives when they still courting her. After get the gal, surprises is just an imaginary. Guys would think "What can a surprise do?". Well, a surprise can do a lot of things actually... such as:
- warm and soften the gal's heart
- she would loves you more
- she would knows that she is precious for you
- makes the gal 'terharu'

Agree? Well, that's what I feels anyway..

Another difference after courting stage is guy would feels that satisfying the gal's needs is just something not important. During courting stage, if the gal say "I'm craving for ice cream". The guy would buy the ice cream for her (even it takes him to travel miles away). After getting the gal, this is just something not important and "wu liau" for guys. They would say "Next time lah. It's not on the way though"... or "Everyday eat ice cream not bored?"...

Well, gals likes to be pamper. Guys out there, even if you have got the gal that you loves, show her that you loves her and she is still the one. Show her through your action!! Don't just do ONLY when the gal force or angry. Gives them surprises. You won't know what will a surprise do on her emotion.

Anyway, I'm babbling today because feeling a little bit frustrated and moody....


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