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Guy with Brains

You Go For Brains!

You want a guy with a big... brain.

And of course it would be nice if he were a total hottie, but you're not counting on it.

What's on the inside is what counts for you. (Besides, you can always change the outside later!)

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levian 10:02 AM  

interesting post !! i hope it's alright for me to use it in my blog too. hehe. i've stated it's from you. ;) here is the link: blogthings: brain or body?

Dav DiDi 10:15 AM  

Hi Levian,

Cool!! Thanks ya ... hehehe ... :P

daniel 5:21 PM  

I'd go for brain or inner beauty first. But appearance must be beautiful also la.. Haha. I'm so greedy.

Dav DiDi 7:16 AM  

Hahaha ... Daniel .. yeah .. but inner beauty is the best .. :)

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