Meaningful Day

Today is quite a meaningful day as many things are happening today. Hhmmm, sitting here at 7.30am, unlike any other days, I did not go up for breakfast.

Reason is because my breakfast partner a.k.a bf is on leave. He is taking his driving license test today. Well, it's quite a day to marks as it is also the last day JenJen would be working here. I bet she is feeling extremely happy about it and excited on the new challenge, starting tomorrow. Yeah, she is going to fly to KL tomorrow and once a gain reunited with her bf.

It is also the last day of a friend of mine, which I once called him my sand bag. More elaboration? Ok, well, I used to hit him. Hahahaha!!! The best part is that he would never hit back. And even if he do hit back, it is more like hitting an ant. Although I always hit them, we do talk and chit chat well. Gonna miss him.. Hey, don't think elsewhere!! He is not available and I am not available as well!! Hahaha....

OK, Monday blues as well, I hope I won't get to drifted with the last day of the 2 friends and working without bf here today.. *Yawn*


Jen's Place said…
but u look so pink today!! Not look like monday blues at all
Dav DiDi said…
hehehehe.. lucky i din use pink stocking, pink earring, pink lips gloss ....

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