My House's Garden

Well, the other day, I bring limau@pamelo (don't the exact name) to the office for everyone. My boss asked what I have at my house. For me, my house is like a jungle. I have 2 papaya tree, 1 multiplying dragon fruit tree with some other of it's descendents, coconut tree, rambutan tree, 'kue ni' tree, pamelo tree and limau@pamelo tree. Some of you might be thinking what I meant by limau@pamelo. Well, it is a limau with the look of a pamelo. It is of a size of a big limau but with the skin of pamelo. Oh YA!!! Forgotten, I have a banana tree too!!!

At the moment, the 'kue ni', papaya, limau@pamelo and pamelo are all bearing fruits. I ate papaya almost everyday (which explain why I 'ek ek' 4x on Friday). Hehehe... I took some of the pictures and wants to let all of you have a look at it..

My dragon fruit tree is now blooming with flowers. I have 7 flowers blooming at the same time. For those that don't know, 7 flowers means 7 dragon fruits. Soon, I can have some bites of them too..

Today, my fruits menu are limau@pamelo and 'kue ni'. Two of the papayas are ready for me to eat in 2 days time. Hehe..

Lastly, my mum's Orchid. She loves this the most and I bet, she is still taking care of it spiritually in Heaven.... Why? Well, because of all her plant, she loves this most and this has been blooming non stop. The rest of the plants are dead / almost dead......


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