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One Cents Coin

Ever since that the rounding up of coins, I felt that some supermarket are doing some sort of tricks on the price of the goodies especially fresh items such as vegetables, meats, fish and fruits. Will this benefits to use, the consumer?? I doubt it ...

OK, I went to one supermarket last week. Taking some fruits and vegetables as I need something for my salad dishes. When I go to measure the weight, the cost of the foods are all ... 99 cents, RM1.89, RM1.54..... Anyone knows what am I talking here?? Well, why in the hack is all the price are ending with 3 or 4 or 9 cents ?? Is this coincidence or am I really so great to take something which would ended up with 9 cents at the back?

This is really a smart way for supermarket to get more profits, while us losing in it. For example: If the items are RM0.87 cent but since RM0.87 would be rounded up and become RM0.85, therefore, some twisting are done to ensure the price would be RM0.89. Let say, 1 cents extra are 'cheated', if one person, taking two items, this means 2 cents are cheated. If averagely, 10K people going in and buy 2 items, this would means 10,000 * 0.02 = RM200 !!!!! That is my one day OT !!!! In 30 days, they would be earning extra RM200 * 30 = RM6,000!!!!

Well, I don't have any proof or whatsoever to support my words. Maybe it's just coincident that all the items I pick are ended with the price of 9 cents behind.

One more reason .. some supermarkets is rejecting to accept one cents coin now although it is clearly stated that we can still use one cents coin to pay. WHY are those business people rejecting our money??!!!

Long term, abolishment of 1 cents will do benefits to our country but for now, it has no benefits at all for us.. the consumer.

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Fahriee 6:14 PM  

Hmm. People do that? You mean prices of stuff are actually like that? RM0.87, RM0.78? Like that? Wow. You're right. I think certain people can take advantage of that..I know what you mean. Why hasn't someone talked about this yet?

Ching Ching 8:55 PM  

I am confused... if u buy 2 thing... 0.54 and 0.88.. you should only pay 1.40 and not 1.50, right?

Dav DiDi 7:19 AM  

Hi Ching Ching ..

What I mean was that some people taking advantage on item which needs measurement by setting it to be ending with 8 cents or 9 cents ..

For your example, yes we pay 1.40 .. but for those that taking item 0.54 only, they need to pay 0.55 mar .. so they rugi 1 cents. we never know if the item is actually 0.54 or 0.51 before the 1 cents demolish ......

what i can see is that all the goodies that i timbang are all ending with 9 cents :(

levian 9:28 AM  

all the rounding up confused me along the way. n besides, most of them didn't print the rounded up value on the receipt. i've had multiple times that i received a change that is lesser than expected. so troublesome ..

Dav DiDi 11:37 AM  

Hi Levian,

Yeah, some business ppl are trying to take the advantage on this for the sake of more money on their pocket and neglecting the consumer .....

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