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Papaya Good For Female??

While doing my work in the office, I bring some papaya from home. I have 3 tree of papaya at home and all are bearing fruits at the moment.

Then, one of my chatter friend told me that papaya good for female. I was surprise to know about this and ask JenJen for confirmation (whahaha, sound like official thing pula). JenJen answer makes me think twice of eating papaya.

All I know about papaya is that it is full of fiber and after ate them, I can easily 'ek ek'. I didn't know that it was also good for the boobs!!! Aiks... How can papaya makes our boobs bigger ?? Huhuhu, I think my boobs is big enough liau ...

Is it really true??????

2 tell DD:

ColourfulWorld 12:26 PM  

I believe in ancient Chinese saying of 以形补形, just like bananas are good for men so logically I think it helps.

found this article on the internet. you can always have a try. =p

Please forgive me for being rude but the bigger you have, the more effort you need to provide in order to make it firm and bouncy...

Please don't kill me...

Dav DiDi 7:58 AM  

Hahaha ... Don't worry, won't kill you .. I don't want to have mine bigger .. but I like papaya because it can make me go toilet for big business. hehehe...

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