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Pets Care - My Little Ones Is Growing

Not long ago, I have wrote about adopting puppy from SSPCA. She is a mix breed of rottweiler + local dog. She is growing bigger day by day. Extremely naughty, have very much interest on steel, rocks and woods.. Yesterday, she had her 'breakfast' by bitting off my sandals, stockings and putting rubbish into my room (GGRRRRRRR)..

When I just brought her, she is so small and timid. Would only sit at one place, pee at one place and sleep at one place. Now, she pee on newspaper (if in the house) that we ready for her and the whole house is her playground. When she heard big dogs barking, she would hide under the chair or would go very near to her master for protection.

Hhmmm, I guess her previous owner doesn't treat her nicely. She is quite intellegent. When she saw that we open the door using the keys, she would try to turn the keys to open the door. She can pull & push the room's door, which are easily open. She knows "Sit" and "Quiet". Hehehehehhe...

When she is still a baby, she only sleep and play in this little place ...

The is when she is most quiet

2 tell DD:

ColourfulWorld 11:27 AM  

She's really cute...

Anyway, you should prepare more stuff for her to bite. This is to sharpen her teeth and strengthen her jaw power. It would be like announcing "I'm ready to hunt" if this happened millions of years ago. She has really grown up. Most dogs undergo this stage. =)

Dav DiDi 11:34 AM  


She have A LOT of toys .. 2 soft toys (1 spoilt, 1 still ok), 1 burger like toy (gone), a fake bones (don't know where now) and one clothing rope that I made .. Her toys is everywhere in my house .. My dad even say that it is harder to look after her than looking after babies .. Hahaha ...

Ya, her teeth and paw indeed is growing ... Extremely sharp .. My leg are all scratches from her .. :(

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