Scary Family Tree's Facts But It is True

While talking to a colleague about taking leave frequently and how many leave I have left, I realize that I need to take leave on 20-May-08 as I had promise my cousin to attend her son's wedding. Read my statement : Her Son's Wedding...

This means, my nephew wedding. Well, way long before I was born, I am called auntie. Huhuhu,.. sound so old. During my kids' time, I use to get angry if he and his sister call me auntie. For one simple fact which is I AM NOT THAT OLD !!!!!

But another scary facts hit me. What if he has baby next year?? Does this mean I am going to be grand-aunty, which is simple words, a NENEK?? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... SOB SOB SOB ... I Don't Want!! HUHUHUHUHU.....


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